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Really good game! the music is good. the graphics do sometimes hurt a bit to look at though when it gets chaotic.

the gameplay is very fun, although a bit to challenging for me (although i didn't play a lot of the game).

I love this game. it's really eerie and unsettling, but is still fun.

the game uses some really good pixel art, and the sound effects are also great. that scream is gonna haunt my nightmares. the small story is also really good.

the game controls amazingly and responsive. i never had a problem with them.

the gameplay is also really good. i like the stealth mechanics, although it took a while before i realized how they worked (but that's on me, as i barely play stealth games).

the game is pretty short, but it is the perfect length for this type of game. i'd love to see what you make next time!

very fun game!

first of, the graphics and music is very good. i really like the level complete screen.

the gameplay is quick and snappy, and controls really wel. the levels are a good length, and there are a lot of em. i would suggest increasing the fps in slowmo, as it is pretty choppy.

overal, it's a incredible game!

this game is really fun. the game has good looks and sound. the music is also good.

i like the creativity. it feels wacky, and i like it. the controls are good and simple. the rooms are a bit to small for the last waves, which spawn to much enemies for the room. talking about enemies, they are way too slow, and not really fun to fight. i'd suggest adding more types, like a fast one and a shooting one.

this  would make a great mobile game.

this game wasn't too bad. the looks were pretty good, although too low res for me to correctly see everything. the game was also a good length.

onto the bad. for one, the game controlled like i was walking on ice. i constantly slipped of platforms. the music was decent, but having it constantly restart upon death and new level is very annoying. also, and most importantly, i don't see the jam's theme in the game.

overal, the game isn't great, but not horrible, and could be build upon.

The game is decent, especially since it's made in one day. the looks are okay, although a small tip: NEVER use comic sans.

the gameplay is alright too, although the tutorial didn't fully explain how the game works. i spend more time figuring out the controls than playing. the levels themselves are way to short, and not really fun. i'd suggest adding enemies.

This is by far the greatest game of this jam that i've played now.

First of al, although not that important, the game looks really good. the sound design is also really good. a bit of background music or sounds would be nice though.

on to the game design. in short; it's very creative. it's simple yet fun. The controls are also really good. i never had a problem with them. all the levels were really good.

I would love to see a full game made out of this, as it was pretty short. maybe some puzzles could be thrown in. hope this game wins!

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The graphics are very weird, but in a good way. the gameplay is also decently fun, but it gets boring very quickly. this is mainly because there isn't a lot to do. the ship feels more uncontrollable in some cases than in others, making controlling the direction a bit to hard. the game controls very well however, but takes a while to really understand.

overal, it's pretty good and very creative.