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That's a good question. The full game will be listed as a separate game, but I want to give people who paid for the demo access to the full game, as I think that is what's fair. 

I'll be sure to look into options for that.

None, as this isn't a dating sum. The only character Aki will be dating is Megumi, but there are a lot of characters that you can hang out with.

It will cost around $5.99 and it will be Steam.

It's progressing okay. It paused for a bit because I needed time to get adjusted to a new location, but I should have a new demo out soon.

Mainly due to language and certain topics covered in the game.

I'll work my hardest to deliver a full game you love!

I'm glad you're excited. It will hopefully sometime next year.

Haha! Variety is always good. 

Yes this will be released in the Google Play Store as a paid game, it won't be more than $5.00.

Many Itch games are bundled with a Steam key, so maybe I can do that so you'll be able to get both versions. 

If that's not possible, you can buy it and I can give you a Steam key manually when the time comes.

I see. Try the newest version of the game and let me know if everything is still acting up.

Gotcha! I decided to apply the same fix to all backgrounds, so hopefully, it will work now. Please let me know if anything else is acting up.

Yep. The Steam page is coming soon.

Let's find out. 0_0

Are the kitchen and roads working for you?

The Android version was updated recently. Are you playing version 1.1?

The final game will not be free, it will cost around $4.99.

We're currently working on a fix. Are you playing on Android as well?

Thank you!

Thank you very much for the kind words! I'll let you know once I find a fix.

I will look into it, and make an update if I need to.

Thanks for reporting the problem. I can't seem to replicate it myself, but see if redownloading the app fixes the problem.

This game is very different than DDLC, but deals with similar themes.

Thank you so much!!

AAAH! Thank you so so much!

Yep, I plan to update soon with a new demo.

Good question. I don't plan release dates, but my goal is the end of this year. I do have a another demo coming soon as well.