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What I'm Looking For:  Hey there, I am looking for a pixel artist comfortable with low res or chibi pixel art. I am in the process of making a card game and I feel that the low res/chibi look would be a great fit. Also with this artist I want someone who can take feedback and dish it back out in the same manner. Someone who says everything is good as is, is not someone I want. This depletes the greatness to come of the project.

Engine: RPG Maker MV

Game Genre: Collectible Card Game
Game Features: This game will include features such as a Gacha System, a Card Crafting System, Increase Deck Cost, Increase Amount of cards in the deck, Multiple Decks to create various decks, and more to come.
Game Style: Although the cards will be a Low Res/Chibi Style, the overworld style will be that of a side scroller. 

For Further Details and/or questions please contact me.

Contact: Discord - PixelGamerDev #6502

I really enjoyed the mechanic itself, but when it came to long jumps rather than high jumps, it became a bit of a downhill spiral, onto some spikes that is.

Great game. I love the mechanics and the art. I would suggest making the jump on the press of the space bar rather than the release though. I felt that when I would kneel it was way to charge the jump, but seeing as that is not the case, holding the space bar for the jump seemed a bit unnecessary 

Roger that

This game is a pretty cool take on the game. I'd say balance out the up and down movement for the bird as it can be a bit broken when going through the pipes. Which isn't fair to the player entirely. It is fun though. I hope to see improvements.

Will do. Thank you very much.

I have 2 that I'd love some feedback on. https://pixelgamerdev.itch.io/ If you're available of course.

So far within the game, I quite enjoyed it. I will say the movement is a bit hard to navigate, but it is still manageable. The graphics are very good, and I love the plot of the game. Flipping the concept of flat and round world believers. I mean we all know the world is flat...right? right? haha, anyways, keep up the great work guys.

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I'll be sure to let you know :)

This is my upcoming card game in progress. The game itself is functional, yet the graphics and cards are coming soon. This card game will consist of multiple features which will change the tide of the battle itself. It will all be hand drawn material so I hope you all will enjoy.


- Gacha System

- Card Crafting System [Upgrade]

- Increase Deck Cost

-Increase Max cards used in battle

-Item Cards

- More to come...

Replied to Wolod in 1985 comments

I look forward to playing more of your games.

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Fun and addictive. I enjoyed the design and play through. Takes me back to good ol Mario. The colors are eye catching. The interactive environment added a good atmosphere to the game. Keep up the great work.

I'm super glad you enjoyed it. This game was actually made within 5 hours and only had 3 plugins. I can understand the dizzy feeling, and sorry about that. There will be more games to come, so I'll keep in touch :).

So I have my account setup to pay me directly, but I am not seeing the option to add my paypal, only Strip. Any help on this?

New game up if you're willing to test it. https://pixelgamerdev.itch.io/zombie-escape

Thank you. Sorry about that.

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In the game of zombie escape, the goal is simple. Get out alive. There are many zombies, some have similar effects while others have greater effects. Some are faster, some are stronger. Either way avoid them until you get out. Use your trusty flashlight to guide you out. 

For the best experience, play alone and in a dark setting.

Have fun and enjoy. Leave comments, check out the twitter, Patreon, etc...


Thank you so much for the feedback. It really helps a lot. In future games I'll be sure to add more scenery and colors to be more appealing. The card game is on its way.

I am currently working on my card game Bit Battlers. It will have many features and fun puzzles to have at. A couple of those features will include Type Bonuses and Elemental Bonuses. There will be many things that can change the flow of the battle, so be cautious when creating you deck.

I'd love to see what you say about my basic game :D. It's called The Potion. I have a more in depth game in the works, but I figured you'd like a task for the time being.

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This game is in the making. It will soon be an awesome card game including multiple features such as, card crafting, a gacha system, and many more. It is in super early development, but keep up.

Card Game Project

This is literally the bare-bones here guys and gals. This game is super simple and just something to get creating that first game out of the way. All resources aside from icons were hand drawn. Feedback is welcomed, but remember this is in all cases a simple game.

Check it out when you have the chance.

The Potion