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Thanks! I wish I could've put more into it. I enjoyed it a lot myself.

Hey how are you? Still looking to do a small fun project

I enjoy the work either way. great job.

I can't wait, this'll be so epi

Beat it!!!! But I didn't get to the inside fight, loved it either way. amazing work!

Awesome game! Loved it. Will there be a sequel? Playing as the dog looking for the new cat that mr. Jones adopted.

Hey guys! DoingGamesGames is currently looking to add a sound designer and a concept artist to the team. The team as of now is me and a star programmer and the game progress is moving fast. We art currently working on building our website along with the game. This is a long term project which will lead to more projects. If you are looking to join a solid team, pm and let;s discuss it :) I look forward to hearing from you!


Discord: PixelGamerDev#6502

This game is so epic! I'm new in godot and have been trying to figure out how to do the whole chess set up. You are amazing, great work!

Loved it. A simple puzzle game with some obstacles in the way. I love chess so this is a game I could play for hours. Maybe one day could make a full game of it.

Hey guys, I'm looking to commission a Unity programmer to assist me with my game, if you know anyone out there let me know or point them to me. It's a small budget, maybe $100-$200 monthly but still something. Someone with knowledge in coding RTS games as well as multiplayer and battle royale. I'll be looking at your portfolio and a few other task to show you are legit. I don't feel like wasting my money and getting scammed. So if you're interested don't feel offended when I ask for you to varify who you are. Pay will be via paypal services. You can reach me here, discord: PixelGamerDev#6502 or twitter: @PixelGamerDev

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Hey there, I am looking for a programmer to assist in the making of a very unique battle royale game. I have all the game assets, game mechanics, and concept written and ready to go. I just need a programmer to help make this happen. This is a long term project, which in the end will hopefully pull in some funds. I will be working on the balancing, the art, assisting with the programming where possible, etc.... I have included some mock ups of what's to come of the game. If I can't find a partner to work on this with, I'll probably move to paying someone to program it together. I'd love to go into more detail, but the images should do justice. If you're interested contact me here or via discord.


Of course. I had a ton of fun.

OMG I had no idea XD I'll give it another go.

I enjoyed this game. It broke around mile 8. The player just vanished.

Game Completed. Freaking fun and addicting. You are epic as always. Seriously though, you have something here. I think this one could go all the way man. Mobile!

Awwwwwwww yeaaaaa!!!!!! First game I've beaten this year. I feel so accomplished. Great game.

PixelGamerDev#6502 Via Disccord.

Hey everyone. I'm a huge fan of an not so great program called RPG Maker. I love it and I feel like it has a lot to offer. I am currently in the process of making a card game with Booster packs, puzzles, key items that give the player an advantage. I am going to devote a lot of time to this game as I really want it to be something major.  I'll be making all the cards and making maps, etc... I am currently looking for a writer, one of the more overlooked team members, writers are important. A JS programmer if possible, most of the scripts are either implemented or edited by me as I have a little JS knowledge myself. But someone with more experience in the field would be a huge help.  A composer would be lovely. RPG Maker has tons of resources when it comes to music, but something original would be a huge help. These are really the primary roles needed, seeing as I already have the resources needed for mapping and characters, etc...

If you're looking to join a team this is the place. I'll be setting up a discord in the meantime as well as progressing the game. Github Desktop will be the way the game is shared so we can all add to the game almost simultaneously. Screenshots will be listed below. Feel free to contact me here and I'll get back to you asap. Look forward to hearing from you all.

I sent a request via discord. I have a game I'd like to enhance as I think it's a real attention grabber, also it'll be great via mobile and pc.

Sent a request via discord :)

I sent a request via discord, I've working on my low res art style if you're interested.  You can check me out here

I'm down to learn something new.

You know this game is amazing right?

What is the process to make this happen? I'd love to get on with a new streaming service

To answer your questions, No, I have not added any members as of now, and I am seeking to build a team to make simple games which could take a matter of months rather than years

Just about any engine really, I have multiples. What are you comfortable with?

Hello everyone, I am seeking to build a small 2-4 person team to build simple fun games.

My background: I have done small projects of my own and have taken a long long break on single dev work to focus on my cartoonish style art. Which I hope to use in games in the future. 

I am now currently seeking your help to make some small fun card games. I love card games and there are so many that can be made to do so many endless things. 

Who am I looking for?

Programmer: To of course program the games

Artist: It always helps to have another artist around

Jack of All trades: This is traditionally me seeing as I've touched on a bit of everything from sounds to programming and so on. But these people tend to be key as they can assist a bit everywhere.

If you are interested please contact me via discord. 


Damn this game is good.

Just released the super alpha build of card summoners! Go check it out on my page :)

I am new to pixel art, I started this year, but I am looking to push myself. I haven't done much tiles, but I'm not afraid to give things a try. At my skill level, I can do basic idle sprites, but for more advanced things such as running sprites and things of the sort, I may not be the guy yet. I am constantly improving though. There will be a link to what I've done so far, if it is something you thing would be good for you, hit me up either here or via discord. I'd be more than happy to help.


Discord: PixelGamerDev#6502

I ask, because me and a friend are currently working on a browser game, he is coding in Javascript, but it wouldn't hurt to have an extra hand to speed up the progress.

How are you with building browser games?

You went into great detail. I posted it via twitter so hopefully some more gamers show interest

Any Time

This game is amazing. I love the music, the graphics, almost everything. The map design is great, the backstory is awesome, but I didn't get a great sense of direction from the game. I felt like I was a wandering traveler in this vast world. As a prince you should have more direction as where to go. I did however enjoy how the NPCs all gave good information as to what was going on. Overall this is a great game. 

I beat it :). Looking good so far. For a demo though I would always have some basics such as enemies and a couple levels, Keep up the great work.