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it is "share knowledge"

Nice Game ! i like it, here is some notes:

1- try to make the dialogue box controllable, like when i want to  skip a certain dialogue or keep reading for a longer time , dont make it controllable by a timer

2- try to teach the player how to play with game design and without saying too much (just a suggestion :D )

3- jumping feels a little bit too fast , because of the high gravity, try to raise the gravity only when the player is falling, that way the jump doesnt feel floaty or fast

4- spamming a lot of enemy in one area and make their health larger is a really poor design and not the right way to raise the difficulty or make a fun game

5- playing with the tank should make me feel powerful , but it doesnt.                 the tank is way too slow , it has the same health as the player, and the rocket damage is not that much

6- also following the cursor is a lit bit broken, some time the character(hero) follow the opposite direction of the cursor

i hope i see more of your game soon , cant wait to play more of it, stay awesome :D

can I upload a fixed vesion of my submitted game that fixes some glichs and bugs?


me too!

I mean; we are all here to make a game , right?

this is my game ! i hope you enjoy it!

here is my game, it is a 1-bit pixel art style!

i hope you love the art and enjoy the game!

will play it soon!

Awsome game ! great job

Played it! it awsome ; it is pixel art version of "Ghost Runner"!

thanks a lot!


this is my game! i will play your game very soon! I hope you enjoy my game!

here is my game i hope you enjoy it!

this is my game ; i hope you enjoy it!

here is my game, i hope you enjoy it!(your game is great btw)

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this is mine, i hope you enjoy it!

NICE! i will test yours now!

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Well! im a true gamer, im mean: OF COURSE I CAN!(edit: VVVVVV?)

WOW! awsome idea! i loved the art style!

if you just added some pause menu and some small effects like partical, this will make a racing game a lot better! :)

Playing as spiderman is a very nice idea!

I will play it soon! :)

Sorry! i coundn't download it! google chrome block it as a "Virus"...

controls are hard, but challenging! this is great start for you as your first game!

It is great, i love it!

Simple art style, good controls, legendry game design!

WOW! i loved the art Style, it is prety NICE!

Good and simple! that is

what "less is more " mean ;)