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This is my favorite submission so far 💖 the art and graphics are super cute, I love the relationship the main characters share, and the voice acting was a really nice touch. There was a spelling error at the beginning of the game, the audio occasionally glitched, and there was a layering issue with the bed, but other than that the game was perfect in my opinion (: 

I think overall the concept was pretty good but the writing felt pretty stale/boring. The art was super unique, but I’d prefer if the first guy we meet (can’t remember his name) made eye contact with the player’s character. 

I’d also suggest adding different internal dialogue for each food order option, as i ordered milk and vampire boi made me a coffee lol

I really like the dark underlying plot!

This game was fun to play! Super cute art and clever comedy. I also really liked the  characters’ expressions and thought it was neat that the end credits changed depending on your ending. 

This game doesn't work for me for some reason?  Judging from the screenshots though, the art is gorgeous and the title is clever.