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Hey mate,

Thanks so much for taking the time to give such in depth feedback on this game! I really appreciate that :)

Yeah! Actually originally we were thinking of doing something like that, but I realized that by the end of the jam we would probably only have half of a ship creator and no gameplay at all so we opted out of that. Would definitely be a great ideas to pursue it now.

Hey that would work pretty well :) Maybe twin stick for the gun aiming, but keep the movement fairly similar to what it is. Originally we were thinking to make two players supported on one keyboard, which eliminates the mouse as an input, but now I think its better to go with the twinstick mouse approach.

Yes so the thing with the weapons was that we wanted to have weapons be buyable and assignable to slots. Thats why they are mapped like that. But in retrospect I think it would be better to have a primary fire, a secondary fire and a special ability. Each of which can be upgraded via a skill tree (a very simple one! eg Choose: Faster Firerate - Greater movement Speed)

Yes the zoom is very terrible right now and we do need to add boundaries.

Yep! I am actually working on this right now. I have added the base of an AI who currently has steering and basic attacking. A lot to do, but a few things on the backlog are:

- Change to Twin Stick control scheme

-Allow guns to rotate around (clamped by a max angle)

-Add two game modes: First to X kills and Deathmatch

-Set up filling slots with AI vs filling with Players

Thanks again!

I hope you continue to work on your game as well :D


This was really fun to play :D


This was very elegantly put together, and has a lot of future potential :)

I can imagine some very interesting pickups/shop items and boss enemies coming out of this!

Me too! So probably I should make some AI ships :D

Would love to keep developing this!

Love this! Really nice execution and impressive amount of words in the description xD

I love this entry!

Very cool idea and very well implemented. Impressed with the little rotation at the end of the correct validation. Makes it seem more complex!

This looks fantastic! Really nailed the juice factor :)

Very well though out design, very polished implementation and overall very fun! Nice one!