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you have to run the extracted file, not the extracter

Google chrome. I don't think it is the browser that has trouble. as i've completed a game in adventuron before


so my problem is when i try to enter the classroom, it stays forever in loading

i tried using VPN but that didn't work. any solutions?

hello there. I've participated in the first two jams (I didn't submit to the second one)  

I hope to make a better game this time. Since the main problem of my last game was the crappy graphic.

Have fun making games!


I'm a little troubled these days and I couldn't work on the game, I don't know if I manage to finish the game.

There will be a coffin in my game if I manage to finish it.

Thank you!

There is one more ending which is good, but finding it is bit hard (you may need to restart the game)

For the mage, at first i wanted to make the player to finish the game but if i did that finding the good ending would become even harder.

For the bars, there was something there but i removed it, Because it caused some bugs. (There is another easter egg though)


You will cook the fish later and give fish works with that one.

The command for waking the troll is "wake troll" or "wave fish"

lol, i didn't mean that huge. making a game with 200 different rooms would take half a year.

I will send you the basic version of the story as soon as possible.

I've started working on the game. I will send you a beta version or a list of rooms with their description  (and please give me your  email or your discord account for this).

oh and my game will be containing a lot of rooms (both chris and 8bitAG commented that my last game was huge)

i will send you the story and the puzzles as well so i can use your ideas too. 

Sure! Your graphics look very cool.

I'm sure I added another respond for the oldman so I may have accidently removed it.

And you don't need to smash crystals with the rock, It is to be used in another room ,I will add a respond for smashing the crystals today

So as you can see my last game had really bad graphics and i think that is the reason no one rates it.

If you are interested just send me some of your works. If we won, you can have the prize since i live in Iran and i can't get the prize for myself.

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Did you examined that fallen tree trunk?

That "must be a global contex" is a bug that I saw whenever i add/change a room/bool. My solution for it is to click behind the line you added or changed and then press enter or del

Well, your quite right. I was thinking about this problem and i have some solutions:

1- warning the player before using handle and blade (which if the player is lazy won't work well as the player won't try to play the game again)

2- adding more items which appear when player used handle and blade

3- changing the answer of the riddle so both "fishing rod-blade" and "crystal-rock" will work and changing the way to get the apple

However i was unwell today and didn't managed to work on the game


The graphics have glow effect. Which might be similar to the CRT.

the fishing rod is already named fishing_rod.

For the rest i'll see ehat i can do

There is something back there now

wow thanks a lot. I wasn't expecting that someone would write a whole code for me

I'm thinking to print a line like "you feel this can be useful somewhere else" the first time player tries to use the handle and the blade and the second time lets the player to use it(or some kind of Y/N question maybe)

About the "say caw" i think you can code that player can't caw at first but when he sits on throne the game prints "you feel like you can speak in the ravens language" and then the player can say caw. This gives player an idea of what has to be done

stuck with the rock and the branch. Probably have to take something from the pouch.

By the way, when you give the worm to troll you can go back and pick another one forever. Using this i earned 25 points

nvm. It got fixed and i don't know how. I even could enter the campfire room without a torch

Does the troll blocks the path to the cave? Because i can enter the cave without giving the 'meat' to the troll

I'll see what i can do in the next update

Here is one. I posted some with my twitter but nobody saw it

this game seems pretty cool. I really want to play it

this game seems pretty cool. I really want to play it

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Stuck on tower. 

When you type "stand" the game tells "you stand up again" even if you are already standing.

And about the "wait" part. I think it would be better if you code that if player takes a few turns the fish shows up.

I got 3 points as well. Is there any for blowing on torch?

About the first puzzle, you can type "there must be a nice view up there" (if i wrote that right) so player has a hint of what to do

it's working now. Thank you.

(1 edit)

i wanted it for the riddle puzzle but if it gets a lot of time i think it would be easier to make a "give ITEM1 and ITEM2" command

Edit: "and" is reserved by system so im thinking about another solution. If there is something to get all things on the ground i have another way to solve this problem


Nice graphics. The game feels strange with the name you picked.

 I'm stuck in the start of the game. I took the boot and weared it and the game said a raven moved from the tower with something shiny in his claws. I thought i could get some sand and put it in the boot but that didn't work.

And for "get boot" i recommend printing a line like "you got the boot" then press key and then the rest.

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Hey! Thanks for testing the game.

About the list, you can send it to h a g h g o o 3 3 AT g m a i l . c o m (thanks for the mentioning language errors, as english is not my mother tongue)

And the hint. I mentioned those two object two times in the game and they are fishingrod and blade(which you get from breaking the axe)

However if you made the sword before solving the riddle, the riddle becomes unsolveable (which the riddle maker must mention if you talk to him after making the sword) 

If you don't have the blade there is one more ending you can get(two, if you count the secret ending, which is really small) just go north at the statue room

Edit:thanks for telling about rock and crystal. I will write a dialoge about them.

Edit 2: or maybe make the riddle having 2 answers? Hmmm

so is it possible to make the game only accept 2 or 3 items in one room? Like if there is 2 items on the ground and max is 2, when player drops another item the first item goes back to players inventory

so i have a zone with 13 location which must be blocked when player is not carrying an item. The zone section works fine. But the barrier doesn't work when i put the zone in location =

But when i put one of the rooms, it works. So am i doing something wrong or is it a bug?

I updated the game. The changes are:

-i fixed the bugs 8bitAG mentioned

-added a new secret ending

-fixed most of the language errors using a software but there may be some left

However the crystal bug is still there which im going to open a topic for

your right. I checked the game and it lets you get in the maze without having the crystal.

Another bug to fix 

I just saw the part about rock and the crystal.

The rock is needed to get the pickaxe

The crystal is needed to enter the mine maze

Thanks! And yes, that was the first text based game i ever made. I have an idea for a better one which i once tried to make using python but didn't went anywhere.

I loved the text based games since the first day I found about them.