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Pixel Hearts

A member registered Jun 18, 2019

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The game is AMAZINGLY fluid and feels nice to the play. I definitely wish I could play the rest of the levels! Here's a french playthrough of the demo:

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Super interesting gameplay! Definitely am waiting to see more of it! Here's a french playthrough I did :

I'm not sure I understood everything about the game, but I really did enjoy the ambiance and the dark themes. I also made a french playthrough of it!

The game only lasts for a dozen of minutes, but it still managed to gave me some pretty hard jumpscares. I made a french playthrough on it too!

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Hey, I just made a french playthrough of this game. It's overall pretty cute and the references/jokes are super clever! Thank you for watching!

Hey there, I'm stocked to play your game for my YouTube channel soon. Just wanted to give you a little heads up that your update has the wrong date, you entered the 18th of July. :)