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your comment

Shift+R restarts

thank you! and i can promise that more will come in the full version.

I already love it

what is the story here?


is every ending a crappy one?

ok, thanks.

how do you start?

Hey, how do you dodge the card attack when there's two of him?

What is a yandere exactly, I have seen and heard that word so much, and I have no clue what it means.

Thanks! As for the bugs, a screenshot would work, because i've gotten that report before, others said the same thing about the shops. And it's still a demo, when the game releases it will be better. 

1. thanks. 2. what do you mean '2 Same people"? 3. When you  sail the ship, you land in a snow field. 4. those are peoples houses, you can't just barge into peoples houses. 5. There's a whole cutscene about it, but I'm not gonna tell you the solution, that would be unfair. Hope you figure it out!

The Goal is to escape the city by heading to the south port, the buildings can't be entered, however, when you come back to the city (Full Game Only), the buildings can be entered. 

That was a good hook.