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Please download -hotfix game files for better explosion effect.

Please download -hotfix game files for better explosion effect.

The explosion effect isn't working too well unless you are playing on the desktop versions, I'll include an update to fix this.

Nice work, greate art and music! However, the velocity is a bit too high for me, causing it hard to dodge the bosses. Maybe lower it by half? 

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OHH.. the aim of the game is to free the computer from the virus.

Story: You have entered the virtual world. Your mission is to terminate the virus, then leave the virtual world.

First of all, you need to kill enemies to collect bugs(coin-like items), then you can create antiviruses and keys in inventory. Altogether you need five keys to activate five different thing like this, (activate by pressing down arrow). 

Afterwards, the golden portal will be unlocked and you can use it to travel to a secret part of the map, where you can enter the BIG portal to finish the game.

Inventory navigations: up and down arrows to select, right arrow to create. 

To load it on the gameshell you need to copy .p8 file into pico8's cart folder.

The levels are well designed! This time I had no issue loading the game which is an improvement from your Q2 submission. The random order of levels is great, but to me the character's velocity is too high, causing it hard to change direction in mid-air.

The portal only works after you have used all 5 keys. 

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I have changed opening and closing the inventory from the pause menu.

Are there more changes from the original version of this game?

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Hold down the buttons instead of just pressing them. X + UP

This is so coool!

Thanks for playing. Yes  you are suppose to shoot them, by the way they are not dogs, even though they look like dogs.  :D

I ran the game on my Mac since I didn't have a gameshell. The game crashed because it couldn't find the sprites and music, so I changed the directory.

Took a while time to fix loading resource issues. Maybe set a Base directory? Great pixel art.

Amazing game! Geate pixel art and the music matched the game's theme. But the walking speed is a bit slow.


I figured why it didn't catch KeyboardInterrupt, the second(nested) exception catches everything and just continues the program.

Yeah it's rogue-like game

Here is how to test it in single player,  comment receiver() and sender() functions in the while loop at the bottom using # then run the game, it should also work in python 2 when it asks for hosting, still type yes , but the IP address part doesn't matter since the game is not going to make connections.

To play in single player comment receiver() and sender() in the while loop at the bottom. (still type yes for hosting)