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Created a new topic More time!

Added two hours more to the DeadLine

Oh! My bad that 72 hours mistake, Is 48. We have the discrod channel, you can post your channel on it :)

No, is not required. The "Flash" in the name, is because we announced it yesterday :)

Created a new topic Winners

Mirror oposite byStormwinds13


Narrative Structure 5 /5

Undestandable 5/ 5

Video-Game apply 4/ 5

Theme 1 /5

Overall 4 /5

Total: 19

The first of mirrors by mexicanpenguin


Narrative Structure 4 /5

Undestandable 4/ 5

Video-Game apply 2/ 5

Theme 5 /5

Overall 3 /5

Total: 18

The passage by Kersim


Narrative Structure 3 /5

Undestandable 4/ 5

Video-Game apply 5/ 5

Theme 1 /5

Overall 4 /5

Total 17


Forgot to add the Press E Button D: Sorry. I'm adding it to the "How to play" Instructions.

"Word" standard (Calibri 12 is a default font, so mostly, digital page.) Still a guide, if you get a bit short or a bit long, is ok. Just don't make a trilogy or a mini-story

Posted in Questions

Well this is a Writting Jam. Not a Script but a short story which can inspire a Game. 

No, no game development in this jam.

No, the license is from the author, and all the privacy an rights are reserved.

We just need the text to judge it :) 

Please. For those who still spamming their games (Nothing related to our topic here) I'll remove and report. Please, avoid this practice. Is not good at all for you. A bad marketing, is the worst thing you can do to a game.

Thank you so much :) English in not my mother tonge, so I failed a bit :D

Created a new topic Privacy and Prizes
Moderators: @PittMarcado
  • If you are worried about your idea there are some tricks in other to avoid stolen content.
    • First, is to send yourself the original via e-mail. So you can prove the real date of creation
    • There are some pages to make your text a little copyright, check them out!
    • We will never ask for someone a license, we just get a preview. Check in this page the moderators, so no one can fake you.

Via to contact:

  • Discord @PittMarcado#9993
  • E-Mail: paranormalstudiosgames@gmail.com
Posted in BugFix

Hi! Now here! On Greenlight! What a challenge! But we are not letting luck guide us! So we keep the hard working, according to the last feedback, we are inproving in the next patch.

Version 0.9.1

  • Different camera modes (Isometric and Third Person View)
  • New animations
  • New combo and chain attacks
  • Better menu and more user-friendly GUI
  • Scores available!
  • New weapon: The Bow.

¡Hola! Ya estamos en Greenlight! ¡Eso si que es un buen desafío! Pero no vamos a dejar que la suerte nos guie, asi que vamos a seguir con el buen trabajo. De acuerdo con vuestro feedback, hemos hecho el siguiente parche

Version 0.9.1

  • Diferentes modos de camara (Isometrica y Vista en tercera persona)
  • Nuevas animaciones
  • Nuevos combos y ataques en cadena
  • Menu mejorado e interfaz de juego mas "user-friendly"
  • Ya esta disponible el ranking!
  • Nueva arma: El Arco.

Posted in Discord?

Nope, Just the Discord of the manager as long as I know

Replied to Vallar in Time?

What I saw was from day 10 at 11PM here to 15 11PM too. Those are 5 days, not 2

Created a new topic Time?

Emmmm... Hi! I'm participating in this Jam, logged in since it started. And I wanted to know what on earth happend to the time count.

Created a new topic BugFix

Version 0.8.1

First of all! Thanks for all the feedback during GranadaGaming17. It's been a pleasure to share our new game with all of you! It's been a crazy week, but hey! We are back to the road, and here is the first Patch due to all the testintg during the event.

Version 0.8.1

- Optimized runtime and lag reduction
- Fixed some clipping cameras
- Fixed animations and textures for the players
- Better menu and easier UI
- Fixed music clipping in some scenarios
- Incoming class system and Camera modes

¡Primero de todo! Gracias a todos por vuestro feedback durante la Granada Gaming17. Ha sido un enorme placer compartir nuestro juego con vosotros. Ha sido una semana de locos, pero ¡Oye!, de vuelta al tajo, y aquí presentamos nuestro primer parche gracias a todo el testing de este evento

Version 0.8.1

- Mejora del rendimiento y reduccion del lag
- Arregladas algunas camaras que clipeaban
- Arregladas animaciones y texturas de los jugadores
- Menu mejorado y una interfaz mas intuitiva
- Arreglada la musica que no sonaba como debia en algunas escenas
- En proceso de un sistemas de clases y modos de camara.

Te lo mandamos al correo que no proporcionastes. En caso de incidencia, ponte en contacto con nosotros en nuestro Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/paranormalstudios/?ref=bookmarks

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La tienes en tu correo tecnicamente. Solo tienes que acceder al enlace del correo y reclamar la clave

Que lo disfrutes! :) Muchas gracias!

Por supuesto, acabo de llegar y estaba terminando unos ajustes. Si te surge cualquier duda, no dudes en mandarnos un correo a paranormalstudiosgames@gmail.com En breve recibirás tu clave.