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Pistol Shrimp Games

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always impressive to see 3d games in a short time span and this one has some nice gameplay,  about the best you can do with the theme aswell :) , could have some more polish as a critisism as I couldn't figure out how the piercing shot recharge works. good game tho

small put nicely polished with a very nice use of theme 

this is a surprisingly polished game , very nice art , and nice gameplay of reasource management cross platforming , the game is quite hard though got 5/6 pages done before dying of starvation

good game in any regard :)

well even if the theme is hard to work with this is a platformer where the platforms are invisible so that's not good, the tagline is accurate tho

no worries and i agree judging how big you should make your game is a right pain in the ass. it's good you submitted something tho

not much of a game unfortunately

a warning that this is in french would be good as I can't speak french so hard to understand what to do

looks nice tho

nice little concept for a game and one that uses the theme kinda well, the little touches like the named mice were nice, could have added more complexity than it had faster mice or surfaces they would move slower on would be good

its a nice game for the concept

Nice to play a 3d game for one of these, very nice gameplay and some very nice animation work

I did manage to glitch through the wall by accident and the theme doesn't have much to do with it but then again the theme is really bloody difficult to make a game around

nice work :)

Nice use of the concept :)

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nice work for someone with little experience :)

Pros :

 Very Nice art


Gameplay is entriely random with minimal ability to plan for upcoming hazards so the player is relying on luck more than skill