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Pirgos Arcana

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Hello everyone!

I am the creator of Mice & Dungeons, the winning game of "100 Lines of Code GameMaker Jam". I would like to thank all your votes and also our host 81monkeys for their work.

We all know that making a game in 100 lines has been really hard, but the challenge I think has been exciting. I've seen games better than mine in this Jam. They deserve much more than mine to be in first position IMO.

Greetings and good luck with your future projects!

Thank you all for your votes !!!

I liked the idea a lot. It has many possibilities. It could easily become a zombie game with pauses where you can buy weapons and improve your characters. Good job!

Good job! Soft controls and easy to understand. I missed that the obstacles appeared all over the screen and not only in the middle part.

Good idea! With better graphics and some kind of bonuses this game will be great.

I really enjoyed this game. Congrats!

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Thanks for the comments!
It was not easy to create the idea I had in my mind in 100 lines. I've learned a lot with this Jam.

My fault. Thank you for such a great website and your work.

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Hi! I published a new game yesterday in the category of Physical Games, a book in PDF. I was notified by email informing me that their publication had been accepted. The game has been published and anyone who visits the URL can see it without problems. If you search on Google, the result of appears. However if I look for it in its category (no matter how far back) or if I try  to search with its name or a word, the game does not appear. This problem is extendable to my name as creator.

I suppose something will have done wrong and that somewhere in the configuration of my profile there will be an option to fix it. I have reviewed everything and the visibility of the game is correct. In my profile I also do not see an option that explains the invisibility of my name as a creator.

The name of the game is The Shadow Keeper, its url is My profile name is Pirgos Arcana, its URL

I would appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you and forgive my clumsiness.

 [EDIT] Trying to solve the problem on my own I just added an image to my profile and now it is listed correctly.
 [EDIT2] My download is a PDF. It seems that if you do not compress your file into a .zip, your game is not listed.

The Shadow Keeper: a party game for a scary night
Are you bored of spending Halloween night watching the same movies? Do you need your guests to know the true meaning of the word terror? This is your game.


The Shadow Keeper is a party game created to spend a terrifying Halloween night.

Take the role of the Keeper, the villain, and torment your guests in this fun game. Whether around a fire or in a dark house, The Shadow Keeper is a scary and fun game designed to play in company.

The Shadow Keeper: a party game for Halloween

Visit our page if you dare...