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Ah thanks so much!

Thanks so much for playing and streaming our game! Loved every bit of it (including your pet goose) <3 At the moment, there aren't any plans to expand on this game although we may make something completely new sometime in the near future. We shall see!


Thank you!

Did you forget to see the underscore character?


Thanks for checking it out!


Yes, you!

Haha wouldn't that be cool?

Appreciate it!

Amazing! Love all the details you put into this game. Great audio, visuals, and dialog!

Oh cool! Thanks for streaming our game! I really enjoyed watching you play it!

Aw thanks so much!

Very self reflective! Quite conducive to thinking about your own attributes and your place in the world.

That was really fun! This has a good concept - wish there were more levels!

This was really great! I'm a fan of minesweeper-like puzzle games and this was an interesting twist to the genre!

Much thanks!

Thank you! Hmm.. unfortunately I don't think there is. The beetle was chosen mainly for its possible cute factor.

There you are, beetle. We've been looking for you!

Aw thanks!

Amazing. Really enjoyed this!

Nice work! Feels polished!

Appreciate it!


Great shooting mechanics and feel. Visuals were great too!

Nice visuals!

Love the music!

Fun game! Really pretty - love the art and audio!

A fun multi-tasking challenge!

This game does a good job pulling you into the game via a simple but appropriate narrative context. Really enjoyed it!

Really cool! Great blend of both genres!

Thanks so much! Yes, you picked up on our intention of "show don't tell". We felt text could stagger the pacing of the game and could take away from the lovely visuals. The color choice was primarily a time-deadline issue constraint, but we like how it added to the retro vibe. Cheers!

I really enjoyed this! I think you really nailed the shooter + math combo here. It's got the right amount of complexity from each genre for a perfect blend of math problem solving and frantic bullet dodging. Really well done!

Great job!

Thanks! <3

Thanks for playing!


Really enjoyed this! Quite a unique concept and loved how you incorporated a narrative element to the game!