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Pirate Chip Games

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Thank you! We're really glad you liked them!

there's a hint if you stand on a log ;)

We're so glad you enjoyed it! Thanks a ton for playing :)

Liked the feedback when killing enemies. The end screen was my favorite part lol.

Nice to see someone gets it :D

Pretty chill golf, the ball physics made the ball feel heavy, some more polish would help, but golf is always pretty fun :)

Not sure what to do, but I love the style and the way the map reveals itself.

Nice one, funny stuff :)

unique art, the beetles are creepy as hell, nice job for the jam :)

Beat it, eventually ;) nicely done dude!

Jumped around as a cute dolphin, what's to complain about :D

Liked what I was able to play of it, screen seemed zoomed in too far, but yea wanted more levels, not too shabby :)


This was awesome, I preferred the setup of the first level, and unfortunately I got a crash on the second, but overall, one of the better games I've played today!

The gameplay was unclear when I dived in but I read the page and got it. I'm not feeling the theme much but pretty fun otherwise.

Didn't see a retry option so it felt like a pretty short game, but playing as the sand worm was fun :)

A bit slow, but nice take on the theme and fun graphics! :D

After the timeout the first time the guy was punching too fast for me.

One of the most creative I've played yet, nicely done!

Love the casino idea. Pretty chill to play.

Enjoyed it, needs more polish of course, but not bad for the jam :)

Simple nice game, woulda liked more levels :)

love it, mediocre is progress

Hell yea dude! that game was awesome! I was nervous that I wouldn't use the ghosts at all but I got to wave 4 and definitely had to use them lol

aw I wanted more! I was having a good time followin the signs :D

Couple things i'd add, maybe the laser flips different ways, or there are spikes moving around the outsides, because I feel like I totally cheesed it by just hiding in the corner lol, cool idea and visuals, needs a bit more polish, but awesome job for a jam! :)

couldn't figure out how to die on level 2, not totally sure if that was the goal either, just need a bit more instruction :)

Good stuff, a bit hard couldnt quite beat it but I enjoyed the idea :)

not too bad for first jam, definitely needs more time, but the idea was there :)

Well done dude, this was fun and challenging :)

pretty good, wanted more, but you submitted very early so well done :)

I liked it, since you cant really lose its a super chill game  :)

I gave it my best try, but no checkpoints makes it pretty brutal.

Wow! Thank you so much for playing! 

The only other ending is to just die from running out of health without paying rent.

had a good chuckle at the animations, specially the weight lifting

Played a couple endings, definitely felt harder to play well lol, good concept, with some polish I think there's a really interesting idea here. 

woulda loved a spooky game :/

Good stuff, the only bad thing I can say is that I'm terrible at platformers :)

as others have said, love the visuals,  wish there was some sound to match, but you have an excellent style :)

took a minute to get used to the jumps, but was a fun little adventure, nicely done :)