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Hi! Play tested this game today for about 5-10 minutes, so here's what I thought. Overall, the core game loop of typing-to-fight is both satisfying and challenging, and definitely has potential. However, there were several aspects that I wasn't happy with.

1) The currency system. The game does not pose enough challenge for any of the purchases to mean anything, and it seems overly complicated. When there are things to purchase in a video game, I feel like there needs to be a strategy behind what to purchase first and what to save up for,  or at least have some direct impact on how the game is played. At the end of each game, I felt like I hadn't actually gained anything useful, so I just picked things to get an random so I could jump back into game play.

2) The look of the game. In a vacuum, the assets are appealing and work in the game environment. However, there is lots of unnecessary clutter, and in a game that involves rapidly looking around the screen, it's important that you can distinguish what you can interact with and what is just background. There is also a lot of UI that appears that seems useless and doesn't give me any real value to the game. I would suggest having a scoreboard at the end of the level that tallies up how many words were typed, how much damage you did, etc, instead of having it all displayed during battle. I feel like the main purpose of the game is to improve your typing skill. Having a higher score with typing would be more rewarding that collecting coins to buy stuff that doesn't seem to have any significant impact.

I would also recommend giving the background a more muted palette, so the interactive bits stand out more and and look less cluttery.

I hope this helps! Thanks for the play test opportunity otherwise. I am excited to see how this game evolves!