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760 lets go

ok i will try fix that as soon as i can

i didnt realize that my bad very fun

game is amazing i hope you continue work on this game

fun game but everything doesnt die in one hit

for some reason i couldnt buy the money upgrade other than that it was great

really fun got 99.29 seconds as best time

super hard cant beat the final area

fun game could be better but over all good job

will there be a version for mac?

ok that sounds good but how should we figure out how to help each other if we each use a different program

what's the 4 digit code

im a unity coder but i am very new

what type of team i use unity but i can try help with art

oof i was too late

got high score of 70

i get that all you have to do is move backwards and you will most likely be fine

nice i do scratch to

i played for about 30 to 45 miniutes and got a 42

im mad nice game

was this on scratch?

so thats why it doesnt work

nice try though

ok that sounds great

are you planning on updating?

Summer Break Jam community · Created a new topic people

since there are less than 20 people will everyone get to be in the video

i played twice and got a comfortable 42 and 49

its a  bit confusing