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Ah, that makes sense. I'll look forward to it!

Looking forward to it!

Looking forward to this!

Wish these games were available for macs :(

No problem! Just wanted to give you a heads-up.

Yeah I can't see it in the app store either :(

Yeah I had the same issue

Wish I could play this on mac :'(

Can't wait for the final!

Hey congrats on making it to steam!

Is it still possible to download this? Thanks!

Would it be possible to get this as a pdf? Looks cool but I can't open this format :(

Where's the download option?

Really fun demo! Looking forward to the full game~!

Aww this so sweet <3 <3 <3

Really enjoyed this! The art and music are both great.

Can't wait for the full version!

Can't wait for the full version! I LOVE the music and the art style is really nice too!

So excited for this!

Hey, do you have any plans to release this for Macs? I love Treat so much <3

Your art style is really cute!