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Played for a bit, I like the design of the game very much. I have a few thoughts on a couple things.

1. There should be an "Are you sure?" when you click the delete button on a building. First started the game and thought it was a production icon for the town center and wound up deleting it (Oops :b)

2. Multiple "pops" should be able to work on building a single building to speed up the process.

Just a couple ideas. Looks great though, keep up the good work!

Good day!

World of Water is now released on! Whatcha waiting for compadre? It's time for war! Join the kiddie empire in the fight for control in 5v5 multiplayer water gun fights! With 10+ weapons, 15+ abilities, 5+ maps, and dedicated servers!  Check it and both trailers out here:

-Alex of PigChop Gaming


World of Water has been released! Hope you enjoy it! The game is completely free of charge, it's time to soak!

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Hello there!

I'm Alex of PigChop Gaming. We are launching our first game, World of Water, to itch December 23rd! Trapped in a war between the Empire of Kids you must fight for control in 5v5 online multiplayer water gun wars! Fight across 5+ maps with friends, and some close enemies ;) Here are both trailer releases!. The game will be released for free during Early Beta, hope you enjoy it!

Thank you for your time and if you have any questions please leave them below! Any support in development is greatly appreciated :)

-Alex, PigChop Gaming

Game Page Link:

Official Forum Page:


Post any ideas you have for new content such as maps, weapons, abilities, or game modes! Any suggestions are very appreciated! If a suggestion is used your itch name will be displayed in the update notes along with it!

Thank you,

Alex of PigChop Gaming


Post whatever you like about World of Water here!

Have Fun!

World of Water community · Created a new topic Report A Bug
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Uh oh! Found a bug? Well that needs to be handled ASAP! Post it here to get it listed, any screenshots are much appreciated and will speed along the process of fixing it. See all known active bugs listed below:

Awesome, none, yet!

World of Water community · Created a new topic Update Notes
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Here you will find all update notes dating to release. Newer updates are on top, comment what you think of them below.  Hope you find what you're looking for:

Lol, yea I know. I'm not a great artist at all. All programming here. Just thought it was cool to see a fellow asset store user as you don't really see them super often. :)

Good looking game. Jumping would be nice and not very hard to implement quickly. If you ever need another programmer I'd love to help :)

Haha, the assets and art are from the unity asset store. Ive seen em all for free before.