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Peter Siri

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Traversing from one planet to another by pressing jumpbar twice feels so intuitive, I feel like I could run around for hours collecting capsules. Very impressive.

moving a magnetic sprite onto magnetic platforms is quite ingenious for a simple 2d platformer controller. It really trains me to learn how to manipulate the sprite's magnetic charge.

wow, I'd kinda like to see that

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Hi, Reign.

I saw your post on discord when I woke up at 9am PDT and I was gonna thank you for keeping my server posted, but then I noticed your profile was gone. I couldn't connect with you via Discord. Is everything alright?

I do apologize for not getting up earlier in the morning. This is why I ask people to share their time zone and schedule. I typically wake up around 8:30 - 9:00 at Pacific time, and I know the jam started at 11am at your time zone. I would like to know if this is going to be an issue.

That sounds impressive. I've never added custom sounds to a game project before, I figured my time zone is a few hours behind from yours. If you haven't had a group so far, would you like to join mine before I add you to my private discord server?

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Thanks. I'm letting my other classmates know. What's your current time zone, by the way? Also, would you like me to invite you to my own private discord server?

Will the optional theme be announced next week before or when the jam begins?

Hello, my name is Peter Siri and I am technically a senior undergraduate at San Francisco State University studying computer science in pursuit of a game design career. My specialty weighs heavily on game development with Unity3D, yet I'm also familiar with Unreal Engine 4 and some Rust-based applications. My plan will be to refurbish my skills with these tools during my Spring recess before this game jam begins.

As of now, I have invited my classmates and some other students from my campus to tag along. In case only a few of us will undertake this exciting game dev journey, I'd like to have someone who could make at least a few basic sprite animations that I could tinker with on a game editor. If possible, I could also use a sound editor and narrative designer as well to help bring the subject of the game to life.

My hope is to make a small project, preferably a 2D player controller. If you wanna fill in a role, dm me through one of my profiles below
Discord Username: U4icstrAfr#8780
Twitter: (20) Thirapit "Peter" Siri (@SiriThirapit) / Twitter
Art Station:

Personal Emails:,
School Email:

I was struck by the main character's animations; every pose and movement seems to resonate with her unwavering personality, and together with this beautiful composition at the forest levels, I'm kinda getting these Ghibli vibes.

One of the main issues I had was the buttons programming; when I open the executable, I was first prompted a window that allows me to adjust my controls, but I had to play the character a couple of times to understand how the key bindings work because the action names were quite vague.

While I acknowledge that this is a student project, what I find lacking is a more developed story that would flesh out her character arc.

I also wonder if her inability to grab onto ledges was a design decision to push players into making more precise jumps and downward attacks.

I'd be happy to hear how the game showcase turned out for the people who made this game, and I congratulate them making a game with exceptional hand-drawn animations.

Thanks for letting me try your game. I was mesmerized by the dashing and multidimensional platforming.

This is the second game from UMich that I played, and I like the way the combat is put together; how different enemy types and barriers force the player to adjust tactics accordingly. I did feel a bit overpowered by each additional minion I can summon after visiting a shop. Nevertheless, my attempts to acquire more currencies were balanced out by additional enemies that spawned afterwards.

Nice work, guys.

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Probably the most fun I had with a 2D- action platformer; it merges beautiful levels with a well-put-together traversal mechanic that includes wall-sliding, wall-jumping, a teleportation device, and slow-motion for greater accuracy.

For me, it does handle well with a controller as I can use my left or right analog sticks to guide my teleport trajectory.

An empathetic game about a "familiar" who is searching for his witch in a society that despises his kind.

The main feature is the dialogue system in which the player chooses how the main character will respond. Each dialogue choice builds the world that the characters are living in, and it's probably because the characters are not just providing exposition for what is going on; they speak as if their lives are driven by these circumstances. The player can walk up to anyone he comes across, with some events actually triggering a dialogue scene.

While there's not a whole lot of content yet, it's a breadth of fresh air that shows me another effective approach to narrative design.

I first played this on hard difficulty and was very pleased by how the game encourages me to use all of its basic mechanics.

The player can perform melee attacks in all four directions and also use them to destroy barrier and bounce on enemies as well as certain objects.

As in this current version, the player can throw an infinite amount of axes and change its trajectory with the left joystick or directional buttons.

Below the health bar is a bonus attack bar that fills with each attack inflicted on enemies or certain projectiles.

The gameplay may be quite simple, but requires a variable amount of skill and patience depending on each level.

The voices of each major character also adds to their personality.

The one thing I do wish is for Alexa to move at slightly higher velocities.

Overall, this is a fun game that is reminiscent of some earlier 2D platformers.