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Amazing game with great music and voice over, though there is a bugs in controls, sometime the controls flipped in the area southwest to the pc(with cmd).

And want to know if you did any devlog for the Jam, I would love to see for myself how you created this game.

This Year I Enter Global Game Jam, with it being an event to socialize and collaborate to create something that we call Games. And I was way too excited to create games, though i learned the hard part that I cannot even Socialize good enough to form a team, probably because I'm an introvert . I don't Particularly hate being this but for an event like this I should have done something about it. So I started creating alone and then something like paralysis happen (I know its not real, its only because I didn't had enough practice) to me, I totally forgot how to do things, so in short I could not create games in unity. After about 1 and half day later I saw Bitsy  Game Maker name listed on Global game Jam, I had used this small engine before and had fun with it. So The motive of my first offline Game Jam became to finish a project rather than something to please others.

I created a game using Bitsy and image to bitsy tool to create this game you can check out the Now, It may not be perfect, but i'm happy that I get to finish the project which will be something to look at in future.

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 A Gentle Smile