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Jaden Goter (picross)

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Hilarious. Nice Koyaanisqatsi reference ;)

Appreciate all the feedback, thanks for playing!

High praise, thank you! We're glad you enjoyed, thanks for playing :)

Sweet game! I love PICO-8 games, and this one was great. Fantastic graphics and level design. Nice job!

Hilarious game! I liked the concept of anxious Godzilla. Graphics and animation were spot on. I found it almost too hard to control at sometimes. Really nice work!

Pretty cool game. I liked the core mechanic, but it seemed like sometimes you had to be so out of control to beat a level that it was near impossible. Really nice work!

Thanks much for playing! 

Absolutely fantastic game. Reminds me of Mario Odyssey's capture ability, but applied to an RPG. That being said, I think the balancing could use some work. Some of the moves are just ridiculously OP or broken and lead to super long loops with AI. I loved figuring out which order to kill the AI in so I can progress, and stealing their moves was super cool. I didn't really see too much purpose in stealing their identities outside of the occasional puzzles, though. Congrats, you've earned my first 5 stars of the jam :)

Super cool art. There were a lot of games that did this sort of switch up controls thing, but I think yours pulled it off pretty dang well. I will say that because the controls were only switching when I went down the colorful pits, my brain associated only that with control switching. Therefore, when control switching was revealed to be related to the color of the platform, I had no idea what was going on for a while, especially since it was thrown into the middle of a tricky platforming segment. Also, I wish it had some sound :) Anyway, great work! 

Amazing work. Super polished, well thought out, and juicy. I'm a sucker for one-button games, too! Nice art as well. The screen shake was a little intense at times, but maybe that was just me. Fantastic job!

Cool game! Took me a little to figure out, but I got it eventually. I felt that I could kind of employ the same strategy on each level, but I had to switch things up when there were 2 wolves. Nice work overall!

Super cool game. Reminds me a lot of Mini Metro. I loved being able to make my own railway systems! Super cool mix of strategy + reaction. Nice work!

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Nice work! I loved the graphics and music. I felt like I would often die from not knowing where I was falling because of the camera, so maybe less vertical level design would help. Also, it appears we both included a bloodlust meter in our games, lol :) Great job!

Sick game! I love physics based platformers like this. I think the controls might just be a little too out of control, though. Seriously nice work here.

Hilarious little game! I really liked the animations and art. I like how it gets more intense as it goes on. Great work!

Nice work. I really liked the main mechanic, but I think the game could be a little easier. Firstly, I think the player could really use some coyote time, because I kept killing myself trying to platform. Secondly, I think the targets could be a bit bigger or pulled out of the walls and left floating  in the air, because I found them a bit difficult to aim at. Really nice game, you should be proud :)

Pretty good, but I wish it was a little more non-linear and game-y. The dialogue and story are interesting, but I feel like it didn't really take advantage of itself being a game. The different options in the dialogue were nice, but I just wish there was a little more. Sound and graphics were solid. Nice work!

Very interesting concept. It reminds me of snake with some spin-off mechanics, which I thought were cool. The art looks nice, too. I will say that it was a bit hard for me to control sometimes, but it got a little better with some practice. Nice work!

Thanks for playing and for all the feedback!

Nice work! I thought that trying to figure out what each spell did was a little confusing, though. Good job!

Nice work! I liked the bullet hell meets twin-stick approach. I wish there was a more visible cursor, because i often lost my mouse on the white background. Great game!

This was a lot of fun. Nice art, physics, and execution. Music was a tad annoying, but funny. Nice work!

Glad you liked it, thanks for playing!

Very cool game! Other comments have mentioned adding console features like tab autocomplete and cycling to old commands, and I would agree with this. One game that does that well is Quadrilateral Cowboy, which I would recommend playing for some inspiration if you haven't already. Nice work!

Nice work! I liked the switching mechanic, it kinda reminded me of Doom Eternal where you have to juggle which weapons you use on which enemies. I feel like the reason why you have to use each weapon for specific enemies could be a bit more natural though. That way, instead of reading in the rules why you can't use specific weapons on specific enemies, it just makes sense because of the properties of the weapon and the enemies. For ex, if an enemy was really small and fast you would want to use a weapon with a large area of impact so you don't have to be as accurate. Cool ideas and nice job!

Nicely done! I really liked the art and gravity switching mechanic. I do think it made some of the obstacles impossible difficult to see, though, which led to more than a few sneaky deaths. Great work overall!

Funny game! The goal was a little bit unclear, though. Nice ideas.

Like single player Chicken Horse. Genius! Loved this one, especially how you go back on your own level. Great level design in a game where you design the levels. Nice work!

Fun little game! I felt like the player's ship was shooting a bit too slow, though. It got better once I placed more towers. Nice work!

Nice work! I liked the mind control mechanic, it reminded me of mario odyssey :) Sometimes the hitboxes were a little wonky, but the overall presentation was awesome. Good job!

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it! Feedback noted :)

So it DOES know my name! Brilliant

Thanks for playing! I’ll check out your game soon.

We’re so glad you like it, thanks for playing and all the feedback:)

Huh weird, we haven’t encountered that one. Would you be willing to post a screenshot? Thanks so much for playing!

Funny game! I enjoyed it once I figured it out, but it took me a while to get there. Great work overall.

Fun game! I liked how big the level was. Nice art and sound. Great work!

Glad you liked it, thanks for playing!!

Hilarious concept, I've always wanted to live out my dreams as a avian saxophonist. I liked the sheet music system. Cheeky little Zelda reference at the beginning :) Very impressive for a jam, fantastic work!

Hilarious game, each room made me laugh. Nice original concept and silly gameplay. Good work!