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I am so jealous that you got to make this. Fantastic work!

Thanks so much for the kind words, I appreciate you playing! :)

Cool little game! It does exactly what it needs to do and does it well. I don't know if the increased difficulty while the game progressed was intentional, but it was cool. It felt like I was learning how it worked and applying it dynamically, and it had a great flow state. I wish there was just a litttlllleee bit more content, but I appreciate how polished and tested it feels. Great work on this.

Nice little game! Hooray for Love2D! I played the jam version so I could rate it. I enjoyed the game a lot, and I know you were going for more oldschool controls to fit the aesthetic, but man there were so many buttons to press. I kinda wish they were slightly simplified, I think that control style is oldschool for a reason. Other than that, really cool, fun game, and I'm very impressed. Nice work!

Thank you so much!! :) Appreciate you playing 

Thank you so much for playing and your kind words! You can press Q to undo throws and get your boots back, I should have made that clearer in the game. <3

Wow, thanks so much for the video and for playing!!

Man this is great. I love how ridiculous and weird it is, yet challenging at some points. I really liked how the soundtrack slowly got more intense and added more instruments to it the later the game progressed. I would say sometimes after submitting a word I would hit enter again by accident and it tended to put me in a bit of an odd state where I couldn't type anything, though that's really my only gripe. Hilarious and well done! Nice work.

Thanks so much for playing! The red button is quit, lol (I made it more obvious in the patch). Thanks for the kind words <3

Nice game! Love the visual art style and I enjoyed the puzzles. Great work!

I really liked this! genius idea with regaining the jump on screen transitions. The hitboxes are pretty harsh at times, but wow this was cool. Nice work!

Fun game, and unique! I liked the yoyo but it doesn't really play like...a yoyo? Still fun, lol. The physics could be pretty bothersome but could be nice if polished up. Very interested to see where you take this, nice work overall!

This is pretty dang cool. I love the art style, concept, and music. However, I really just feel like I'm fighting the physics and controls. It was hard to pick up the vinyl, hard to get it to stick where you wanted, hard to predict where it was going to fly, etc. And a ramp over the stairs so they were easier to climb would be nice too. Overall though, really neat ideas and execution. With a little touch up this could be great!

Thanks so much, I'm glad you liked it! I'm glad it doesn't seem like a chore, I tried to make it fun because I knew it could get tedious. Stoked you noticed that. Thanks for playing :)

Wow, this is really cool! This idea has been done similarly in a lot of games, but not quite like this! The closest I can think of is ibb & obb, but this is fantastic too. It really makes you think about just where you're going and forces you to think about two gravitational perspectives at the same time.

One thing I'd say is that it starts out reeally hard sometimes, and that can be pretty frustrating for new players.

Great work!

Great little game! I like a lot about it, but the adherence to the theme could be a little greater. Really fun, and the music reminds me a bit of Earthbound and old Japanese computer games, which I have a lot of nostalgia for. Controls were good, but I wish we could see some sort of trail or something afterwards! I wanna see my beautiful scribble painting! Great game :)

Pretty cool! I like the cyberpunk aesthetic. I wish the controls were a tad bit more intuitive, but good work overall.

Wow. That was so cool. I LOVED figuring out that you could make your own rhythms for the noises, that was great. Totally felt like a secret language and blew my mind when I realized what was happening. Like you said at the end in perfect meta fashion, I do wish it was a tad longer! Excellent work, and I won't make you wait, you earned full stars from me. Great work!

Nice little game! The visuals and music really make it pop, but the core gameplay here is good too. I enjoyed how the button to throw the needle was just the right thumbstick instead of a separate button, that's smart. I would say the AI is a little basic and the needle controls a little strange sometimes, but otherwise fantastic work. Nice job.

Moonwel ot cosidme

Thanks so much for the kinds words! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Yes, that bug is known and is patched out in that update. Thanks for playing! :)

Wowowow! Incredible level design! Looks and sounds great too. There's so much content here! Really clever mechanics and great way of introducing them. There were a couple levels that had few parts that I couldn't tell if I was supposed to skip, if they were there to trick me, if there were multiple paths, or if I was finding quicker ways through levels. I don't know your exact intention with those, but they didn't bother me too much. Also, the movement speed is a tad too quick imo, I think I went too far because of it a couple too many times. Overall,  really really great game here. Rated it near perfect.

Wow, really cool game! I loved the gravity mechanic. Were the levels randomized? 

Nice graphics, the game has a lot of personality. The text-to-speech stuff cracked me up. 

I really enjoyed getting into flow states maneuvering through the level, but those fireball spawns are just too fast and harsh. I wish they were a little less frequent, only spawned once at the start of the level, and were a tad slower. 

Even the music is hilarious. Great work! 

Thank you for playing! Did you try using the undo mechanic? It fixes those "crap!" moments! I'm glad you enjoyed it, and cool ideas, definitely noted :)

I agree, movement is too fast. Glad you enjoyed it! Nice job cheesing the forcefield, I'm glad that's there for the people who can pull it off!!

Wow, that was some fantastic level design. I really enjoyed this game all the way through, and color me impressed with these freaking levels man. The game is pretty polished too, I didn't run into any bugs. Levels were all decent lengths and the way you teach mechanics works really well. I would say that something like a quick undo or something would be nice, because I found myself having to restart some rooms quite a few times, making playtime add up a while. Really fantastic work here though, props from me.

I snailed it! Cool little game, took me a little to figure out but fun when I snailed it down. I don't fully understand why the score timer is needed, since it's not endless, but I did enjoy it all around. Nice work!

Cool little game! I adored the crt filter, font, and music. Reminds me a bit of Hotline Miami, which is a big compliment :) Fun stuff, but some of the corner-based ricochets are ridiculously hard to pull off, so I wish there was some sort of forecasting or mitigation to that difficulty besides through just long trial and error seshes. Really nice work though.

I agree, def too many boots puzzles that lead to softlocks. Definitely an oversight of short development cycle, but I'm glad you can see the intention. Thanks for the feedback and for playing! Hope you had fun :)

Really fun game, super well made, and very pretty. I enjoyed the bullet time and killing enemies and picking up their weapons. Oh, and dodge rolling.

What I would say is that the controls just kind of confused me. I get what you were going for with the mouse only controls, and I will say I got used to them after a while, but I probably would have been less confused if it was like, WASD to move, and mouse to shoot/dodge. Also, I don't entirely see the point in having to click to pick up items, but it's not that big of a deal.

Really great work here. A lot of potench, as Mark would say. Keep it up!!

Wow, this is great feedback! Thanks so much for playing!! Looking forward to playing your game as well.

Thank you!! <3

Cool game! Simple but fun. I like when the bullet switches up and gets more erratic, creates a lot of tension. Nice music and sound design too. I would say that I wish there was just a tad more to it, but nice work for 48 hours. Well done!  

Interesting thought! I thought about this too and thought I'd just experiment this once. Thanks so much for playing!

Wow, cool alternative little game. Great idea, wish there was a little more incentive to do well and progress more, but overall great.

Wow, thanks for this response. Your feedback means a lot. Thanks a ton for playing!

Neat little game! I like the catching and timer mechanics, they definitely make it interesting. It seemed like the spawns got me a couple unfair deaths, but besides that it was a solid game.

Interesting game, very original. Pretty hard! I enjoyed it, nice work.

Holy cow. Really fun game, and super impressive it runs on gameboy. I gave it one star from perfect, only taking one off design because it was really hard to figure out a good strat for finding and killing enemies without it completely overwhelming you. Fantastic work

Hilarious game, energy similar to parappa. Loved everything about it, although it took me a while to get used to the controls. Great work!