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Picoid DX

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Oh.. so the elevator bug is still there. Also it's not saving, it's just checkpoints. If you close the game the progress is lost.

Sorry about the inconvenience, it's just a small game you know.

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Hi !

So hey checkpoints are in. I also made some corrections to bugs making the game unfair and other minor corrections.
I've also made an export with the YoYo Compiler of Game Maker Studio, give it a go if you experience lags.

  • Checkpoints ! Restore hearts at respawn.
  • Music volume a bit lowered.
  • Elevators don't hurt anymore.
  • Crushers hurt only when falling on your head.
  • Furball Smash should work correctly. No more visual bug. The attack continues after breaking the cracked ground until it hits solid ground. It can destroy the projectiles of the big jelly.
  • Moved the camera a bit. You can now see what's coming under that cracked ground.
  • Modified the levels a bit. Removed useless ways of coming back.
  • Skip the intro with Escape key.
  • Updated my logo and fused the two splash screens into one.
  • Made some optimization in the last room. I'll be glad to know if it makes it smoother for the people who previously experienced lags.

We're seriously thinking about expending the game to a new scope ;)

Thank you ! I haven't watched your playthrough yet but I love that Papa Fritas name x) Seeing others taking interest in our game really warms our hearts.

Boneko community · Created a new topic So what is this game
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Hi !

First of all we'd like to really thank all the people who played the game so far. We were not expecting such a positive response (coming especially from the Game Jolt community). We're new to itch.io and Game Jolt and seeing guys making YouTube videos about the game almost the day it was released came as a huge surprise to us.

So what exactly is this game you've been playing ?
It was actually made more than a year ago in May 2015, developed in 3 to 4 weeks on Game Maker Studio. It was designed to be a short 20-minute plateformer. We mostly made the game for ourselves. Patchouli and me (Picoid DX) are students in our final year of university. The game was not put online because of several crashes which I didn't took time to debug until a few days ago.

Boneko is almost our first project and is actually made using the drag and drop feature of GMS, which looks like this mess :
screenshot of a awful Game Maker
Instead of being properly programmed with code, which looks like this organised and manageable mess (screen from EVA, a more recent project) :
screenshot of an awesome Game Maker
So currently what you are playing in a quite buggy build, missing some key features like, you know, checkpoints and saving, is a small game we first intended to leave like that, maybe work on it again later for the fun of it.

But you made us reconsider. You seem to like the game, even despite its obvious flaws. So we are going to work on Boneko again, sooner than expected and with a renewed interest. We count on you to give us feedback :)

Thank you for playing,
See you soon.

Picoid DX