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This was very short and rushed but it still was a good creepy experience. Hoping for a longer game next time :) Great job though! Your game is second and starts at  17:08 

I loved this game. Very creepy but fun. Great job. The only complaint I have is that the sound near the end was sooo loud. Keep it up. Your game is the first and starts at 00:27

This game was super creepy, but the ending confused me a little. I also got stuck inside a door for just a moment, it fixed itself. Great game, keep it up! Your game is the last one in the video and starts at 21:40

Great game! You captured the creepiness of being home alone so well!  

I played the 2nd game first and really liked it. I decided to try the first game out. This game was really simple but still good. Great job improving though! I look forward to playing more games by you!

What a great game! I really enjoyed it. Wish it was longer. I managed to find all the endings but ending 3 took me so long :) Great job! I will have to go play the first doghouse now!

You are very welcome!  I hope you do make a full horror game. I love the comedy in this game along with the jumpscares . Id loves a full game like that. Great job though !

Ohhhh  ok  . I'm sorry! :) When you get it fixed I'll give the game another go. I really do love the creepy atmosphere!

Thanks so much for the free key! I enjoyed trying out your game. It's very difficult but fun! 

I just played the scp-087 so this was  ptsd to me lol I did enjoy it ; I just wish ether the staircase wasn't so long or that more jumpscares actually happened on it.  Overall great job , keep it up!  Your game starts at 00:24

This started out super creepy but I love how it ended. Hope you make a longer game similar to this! Great job .Your game starts at 5:50

I didnt know this was a tie-in story. I really enjoyed this game even though it was super short. It had the creepy atmosphere and the doors scared me every time lol Great job! Your game starts at 9:32

Ive just now started actually playing SCP games and I love the staircase SCP, So creepy :) You captured the spooky atmosphere so well . . Great job!

This was a very interesting game. I do like the style and the gameplay was fun. I would say   to make the ending a little different.  It confused me with just kicking me out out of the game. Overall though, it's fun :) Keep making games!  Your game is last in the video and starts at 16:32

Ok so I'm not good with maze games lol took me forever. With that said, thank you so much for not making me restart every time I got caught :)  oh and the monster wasn't very scary after the 50th time catching me :) Great game !  Your game is second and starts at 5:37

I need to go play the old version now. This was a good little game. The jumpscares didn't land with me though. I did like the atmosphere, super creepy  . Wish it was longer :)  Great game.  Your game is first and starts at 0:27

:)  I Needed that ending! Thanks for making  such a cool game ! Great job

Awesome! :) I look forward to playing it when it's ready!  Thanks for subbing !

This was a good little game.   It was very creepy, and the knocking had me freaked out :) I wish the other mannequins would move their positions slightly just to make the player paranoid.   Overall great game !

Loved the update so much! Great game

lol What a fun, Hilarious game!  I think at the end I had glicthed through the map but im callingit  a win :) Great game. It's the second game and starts at. 6:04

Really, really short game  but has potential! ( I did find a few bugs that I left in the video). Looking forward to seeing this game grow! Its the first  game in the video . It starts at  0:26

I like the idea and it did have such a creepy atmosphere! Wish it was longer :)  Great game!   The game is the last one in the video  and it starts at 19:30

omg lol I spent so long looking for a different ending!!!!  I'm ashamed of myself lol I have to replay it now to feel better. Thanks for letting me know!

Super creepy  Christmas  game . Love the snowman out the windows . Great game! Look forward to playing more by you! The game is the last one in the video and starts at 21:57

Very cool short little horror game!  It had a creepy atmosphere . The ending did feel rush but overall very cool experience. Your game is the second and starts at 12:19

What a lovely little spooky game :)  Im so used to  jump scares that I was on edge the whole time . The game is the first one  and starts at 0:27

I Just found out that you guys had a DLC out!. I don't think its on though . I had to buy the full game on steam to play it but its worth it ! Such a great game. Please continue the story :)  

Oh it wasn't a game breaking bug , no worries! :)   very impressive game that was made in just two weeks! Great job! Looking forward to more games made by you guys!

This was a really interesting game. I enjoyed it a lot.  I did have an issue where if I clicked to far left it would click me out of the game. Overall, great game! Its first  in the video at  0:25

I really like this game. It was fun and had such a spooky atmosphere. I love creepy fishing games.  I did fall out of my boat a lot and no matter what I pushed I just couldn't get back into it. I still enjoyed the game though. Great job ! The game is second in the video at  13:15

What a creepy little game!! I was so confused at the end but glad to see that its part of a larger project.  I'll have to look into the complete version.  Great job! The game is the last game on the video. It starts at 43:03

I really enjoyed this game.  I tried to find another ending but couldn't. I'm reading that there's a few secrets in the game so def going to go replay it now :) Great game!

This is such a good demo. I'm really looking forward to playing this game when its released. Great demo! :)

This game was really good. I liked that it had 2 endings :)  Great job! 

Very fun game. I think I missed a few scary moments but overall, I enjoyed it a lot !  Got a good scary atmosphere! Your game is the last in the video. It starts  at 17:58

It's a really neat story! I would love to have seen more creepiness to it though. Overall, I did enjoy it. It reminds me a lot of the stories on VR. The game is second in the video. It starts at 15:04

What an interesting idea! I wouldn't call it failed :) It has alot of promise. I was confused at the end, but I guess since you slapped on an ending that makes sense. Overall, it's a fun game! The game is the first one at 0:37

I can't express how cool this demo was :) Great job! Looking forward to spring 2022!!

I loved this game! I played it twice trying to see if I could change the ending. Hopefully you'll expand on this some. I'd love to play a longer game like this! Great job!