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i like the snake brush!

Cheers! We may do a bit of polish / balance tweaks at some point : ) 


I dug about halfway down and eventually came across a vein of iron, I think it is kind of rare but it's there! Dig around on a few different layers and you should come across some. 

There was a patch recently to fix the sickness thing, as for ladders I've had success just stacking them vertically (holding alt to allow placing in midair), which I used to make ladders going up to a second floor, seems like it should work for a mine shaft?

Q/E will change camera depth as well

Ah! I didn't notice the inventory tab in there, thanks a bunch! For anyone else looking: Drag an item from the inventory tab within the character info screen onto the character's inventory slots. 

Hello, loving the game so far : )

I have several settlers with the fishing task enabled, a few of the wooden fishing poles laying around, and a little dock with the adjacent tiles marked with fishing jobs, yet no one is fishing! Do you have an idea what I might be doing wrong?


Sorry it took so long, the log file contains only "Failed to validate Mac AppStore receipt." I googled that and found this unity answers post that says there is a setting to turn off mac appstore validation, sounds like that might be the solution?

I don't think it is the unidentified developer problem, I have my security settings to open apps from "Anywhere" (the most permissive option). I didn't see any error pop up just double clicking the app briefly opens it and then silently crashes. When I get home I'll try to see if it left any logs on my machine that I could send you.

Tried to play it crashes instantly on mac : (

This is awesome! Can't wait to play : D