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It's ok. It's the experience that matters ^^

Glad you liked it. It seems that you may have fought the boss with only 2 HP. I've already fixed it though.

Dude. This is awesome.

Thank you (^_^). I figured that the first part was too slow but I chose it to be faster after 5 points to not bore the player.

That's ok (^_^). I should've put it in the game instructions as well but it had completely slipped out of my mind. By the time I had realized that, I had run out of time.

You could use the 1,2,3,4 as said in the game description though if that would help (^_^)

I have edited the instructions. Thank you for pointing that out (^_^)

I am terribly sorry. I had just realized that the color in the instructions is wrong.

I will check out Puma Cat :)

I'm glad you enjoyed it (^_^).   I had planed to publish this game in Google Play but I didn't have time to import it to Android.

I am terribly sorry. I will have to look on that. P.S. Those wouldn't be with the corrupted strands, right?

Glad you liked it :)

You know, this game is similar to the game that I made. This is great.

No. We are not. They are just recommending that we use the two.

So... i there a theme now?

Oh wow. Papers Please. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAA

Sure thing! :

The enemy spawn rate increases overtime and they are randomly spawn outside of your screen. I would guess that it was just by chance that the enemies spawned closer to you from your first playthrough. I'm glad that you enjoyed it :)

I've updated it :)

Yup! We designed the range attacks to be weaker than the melee because we're worried that players wouldn't use the melee anymore.  We're glad you enjoyed it :D

Yeah, the drops were just for the lolz XD

For a second, the cover picture reminds me of that bowling meme.

Yeah... as you've said, the story is similar to our game. This is a good danmaku game with a good concept. Some things I would advice, the background is too distracting and you may want to either slow it down or make it darker so the bullets will be seen better and I would really wish that aside from checkpoints, you would also put some lives T^T. Good game :)

Sure! I'll update it when I have the time :)

I think I should make the fatigue restore up to 100 next time.

Yeah. I would really appreciate that if someone would do it for me T^T. I'll have to update this some time once someone had balanced it for me.

I like the memes. Especially. Great Game!

I'm glad you liked it :)

I had used Hinge Joints. A LOT OF THEM. That's probably the cause of some frame drops HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHA

That would be the physics of the wires.

This game is really cute. The controls are smooth. Putting powerups might be good too :)

Thank you. Glad you liked it :)