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Loved the game! The sound effects were satisfying and the feedback for the combat felt just right.
Though there was a monster that I could hit through the wall, not sure if that's intended? 

Also I think some visual feedback for when armor is worn might do wonders, I'm still not sure whether the armor that I wore earlier gave me any hearts (I might've been blind though <.<)

Again, loved the art for the game and I hope you continue working on this project. I'll be waiting for the next updates!

Haha charming game. Loved it!

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Hey good game, feels like it's a demo for a potential proper game. Now I can't critisize much about it since I'm sure most of the issues or lack of content is due to the short time span you worked in and I'm not much of a fan of interactive games, but still good job.

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Alright I just played the game with its latest update and I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The animations were lovely and the bunny was just so cute. The introduction of the mechanics and the obstacles was great, but as stated by others, they are mostly avoidable if the right combinations are used (I enjoyed being able to do so personally. I think if the levels were longer, that would act as a way to reward speedrunners/good players while keeping it challenging enough for normal players. Overall the feeling of seeing myself fly through the screen avoiding one obstacle after another just makes me feel like a ninja bunny).

Now onto the bugs I found: 

The audio doesn't change unless it hits 0, so basically while it isn't 0, the audio remains the same regardless of the level I put it on (this is the case with all audio settings) and when it hits 0 it deactivates the audio accordingly.

When the player is in "wall climbing" mode and slides down to the ground, he won't leave that mode and properly land on the ground (and leave the wall climbing animation) until I either press jump or down.

It is possible to fall midway through the tunnel at the very start of the game then wall climb back up, this causes the "escape" text to fall despite me staying in the same room.

When underwater, if I get close to a wall to my left (only happens to walls on the left) and then press down and right simultaneously the player teleports to the closest wall to the right at the same height level and if I were to do this while the closest "wall" to the right is a spike and not a wall, the game freezes.

When the big boss snake appears and starts following me, a new song starts playing (a pretty cool one I must say), now if I die, the song continues playing on the next attempt even though the snake didn't appear yet.

If I go below a falling block and it hits me, the game freezes.

There was a case where some of the blocks of a falling bridge didn't respawn after they fell, and the only way to bring them back was to kill myself (this only happend once, and could only accidentally recreate it once, so it doesn't seem to be much of a problem especially since even if it were to happen, it doesn't affect the playability of the level).

The water currents that come out of the walls underwater push the player only if their head makes contact with him, any other part doesn't affect him at all (unless that is intentional).

Also this only happend to me once, not sure why it happend and I couldn't recreate it but the snake that pops out of a hole, bites then hides, there was a time where he just kept killing me even if I was 4 blocks under the hole. Ended up dying 3-4 times in a row because of that but then it just stopped happening, and no matter what I did, it just didn't happen again).

Also just a little complaint, the trampolines were a pain to use, I'm not sure if it was the double jump or what, but trying to manually press the jump button along with the landing just didn't seem to want to cooperate with me, had to keep the jump button held down to use them consistently.

Wall of text over!