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UH and another reason i coudlnt really finish was because I didn't have the proper knowlege of eventing in RPGMaker2k3.. AND I NEEDED HELP BUT i couldn't figure it out... if anyone is p savvy on rpgmaker2k3 eventing/coding would it be okay if i contacted u via skype or email?? ID APPRECIATE IT.. :'''o

IM SAD 2 SAY BUT this probably wont get finished on time.. ive been busy a lot lately i just had my bday and i was doing a commission-- maybe I can try to complete this in my spare time and upload it but IM SORRY GUYS... :''(

WAH thank u.. im trying to push myself to finish

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Day 8:

No update today!! decided i needed a lil' break and to work on a commission! :'^)

Day 7:

I was really tired today so not a whole lot was done, but I pixeled some more stuff!

Might be till Sunday until I'm officially done pixeling, but it's chill I'm still trying to get this done even if i dont finish it in time :'o

AW MAN thank you.. that's ALSO exactly what I'm going for B^)

Day 6:

LOTS OF ASSET MAKING/EDITING... trees are the worst and so are tiles but we're getting there!!

(some tables, seat cushions, books + papers. As well as bricks and rugs)

(starting to look like something now! just gotta fill up that first room)

(the frog got in the way of this screen cap, but I think they just wanted to be in the picture too)

and here's some backwards-walking cats

I'm hoping by Saturday I can have all my assets pretty much finished, I just need to make a few more interior pixels and then some items for quests. And a couple more character sprites!! Then I'm going to be moving onto the coding part of the game :''^)

I couldn't sleep have a lil' treat of some concept art of the main protag Kewpie

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Day 5:

Didn't get as much as I wanted done today because of errands I had to run, but I made /some/ progress!

This is Julep, He runs a Flower/Tea Shop and is semi-important!! He wears a cute lil' apron and is very kind.

(After making a wood tile the house has become a lot more homey)

( a couple things I was able to add today )

I'm sorry I didn't have much to add this time, tomorrow I'll definitely have to make it up <8'^((

((edit: whoops! almost forgot about the kitties I did!!))

my pixels are v inspired by MOTHER & the Animal Crossing aesthetic!! AND OMG.. I've never heard of wither, but I have heard of melon quest :^o it's very cute!!

THANK U IM REALLY GLAD IT IS.. my goal tbh for this is to just to make others feel good about themselves/happy SO IM HAPPY 2 HEAR IT COMES OFF AS THAT

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Day 4:

((wow i finished these just before 12am nice))

Did a lot more asset stuff today! As well as the system graphics, tilesets, and added a new sprite! They're a little bird kid :''^)

(this took a while to fix/align properly but I finally did it, now we have bridges!)

(and our friends have someplace to live!!)

(it's pretty barren inside, but it'll start looking homey in no time!)

tomorrow I'll probably be working on adding more character sprites! I've been looking forward to it all week :''^o

dude I love the colors.. It's v calming if that makes sense :'o nice job so far!!

THANK U im still editing tilesets but I think i needa break for now, but everyone's nice words encourage me to keep working on this lil game :'''^)

aww this is really cute... dude you put a lot of shades into those clouds i salute u.. AND THE LITTLE character you play as is adorable!!

I love this it's so cute.. gay goilfriends 10/10 :'''^) I'm def gonna play this

Day 3:

Oh boy, so I did a lot more assets today (making sure things align properly also took up a lot of time :^(( ) and tested some stuff out in-game!

(havent fixed the text yet in RPG2k3 but just wanted to see how the stuff looked so far!)

here i messed up by not making the spider stationary so now it just flies

I ALSO made some sound effects in Mixcraft today, just a couple for menu selection and stuff!! But I feel like I got a lot done 8')

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Day 2:

I pretty much got the Title screen, Logo, and page done! here's a little sneaky peaky!!

Tomorrow, I'm going to continue making my game assests and see how much I can get done!

SOON... TWO WEEKS... >:^))

Yeah!! I totally agree with this.. like, I actually joined in really excited and i actually had an idea i've wanted to do for awhile now but I kinda put it off because of a lot of things, but mainly because I was trying to do something REALLY big and intricate and way over my head-- it kinda put myself off from doing it. But now, I have a reason to make something short, simple, and sweet so I decided to use the idea for this!

honestly i still don't have everything in what i plan to do but I got the basic gist of it and the details for me right now come later-- and this goes for everyone like dont beat yourself up about it not being super duper amazing, try to keep it fun for yourself and take breaks when you /feel/ bored of drawing/coding/etc. Good luck everyone!!

THANK YOU that's totally what I'm going for 8'')

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Hi everyone!! I'm really excited to participate in this Game Jam, I've never made a game before so this kinda inspired me to try it.

I don't want to spoil to much, but you play as a child who has gone off-path and lost their way in the forest, and find a large pine tree with a small entrance at the bottom. They decide to go through and on the other side it's /still/ forest, but the thing that's different about is there's talking woodland creatures in it!

I decided to use RPG Maker 2003 to do all the stuff in, and probably make small chip-tunes with Famitracker, nothing super detailed though. But regardless I'm having a lot of fun already designing the world, NPCS, items, furniture, etc! So far I have about... 10% of it done but I've got a long ways to go but I'm hoping I can finish this project on time!!!

(here's some sprites I've been working on)