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Crazy for just 10 days! Really good work from you guys! 

Love it! 

Very cool game! Once i fell behind the crates and got stuck! :(

When you have the time, please play and rate my entry :D

Cool game! Loved the music and the art! I got some more practice with the skeleton luring :D

Can you please play my game too, please?

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I had a hard time figuring out your game. But then it was fun!:D 

Do you mind, playing my game too?

I love these calculation blocks! Make a whole game out of it! Sometimes it was hard to know where to place them, so that my player could reach them. Maybe some gridscnapping?

Can you play and rate mine, too, please? :D

A solid entry! I had a lot of fun! I loved the death animation, vfx and sfx! How did you do it?

Please, if you still have some time, play and rate mine! ;D

Fun game :D the axe could be a little faster and  the pixelart was blurry. Did you want it like that? Normaly you set it to point no filter.

Anyway I had fun and would be happy, if you'd play and rate mine.

Cute little game! I had fun! You feel powerful, when you powermorph into that big guy :D

If you have the time, pleas play and rate mine :D I'm sorry for the rhyme... I guess I'm outta lime... Sry I'm a dad... it changes people...

I stopped the evil ritual with the last investigator! Funny game, and a nice touch of offering people to get further :D I liked it! And i Like cats!

If you find some spare time, please play and rate my game please :D

Is your game down? Can you write me a message, when it's up again, please? I want to try it out :D

In the meantime, try my game :D

Man that was hard! I didn't figure out what the magnet does... I go back to it after the jame! I just didn't pass the 8th level :( 

If you find the time to play my game, I would appreciate it!

Very cool take on the theme! I really enjoyed it! I like evolution games anyway, liks spore and stuff. SO your game hit the right spot! A very cool entry to the jam!

Anyway, if you could spare a few minutes, I would be happy, if you played and rated my game! :P

Frenzy game with the right music! Sadly no indication, if i got hit. It was pretty suprinsing as I died, because I couldn't see my life. Was it offscreen or wasn't there any health UI? 

Well I had fun! And if you have the time, can you play my game? I know there isn't a lot of time anymore, but i would be happy :D

Very nice gameart! I didn't play snake for a long time and I was at a pretty good round, when a yellow one spawned on a stone... and so I died...  :P That's something to look at, I guess.

Please, If you find the time to play and rate my game, I would like that!

Nice, calm and mysterious! I want more answers!

Hey if you have the time to play my game, it would be an honor!

Any solution?

Loved this little gem! I stayed with him at the end and he made me some sandwiches :D But now I don't know what would have happend in the other dimension... Is it the end too?

If you have some spare time in the last 24 hours of the jam, could you pleas play and rate mine? Thank you :D

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Loved the colors and the art! I'm just not good a t dodging  and survived 1 min as my record...

Is the speed of the blades random?

If you find the time, play and rate mine, please!

The art was wonderful, even the scribble ones with the lines! Amazing!

I was sad because after I had 10 humanity, that I hard worked for, a zombie ended my life, as he spawned on me... But I had still fun!

If you find the time in the last 24 h to play a game, I would volunteer :D

It's hard! A lot of bees detroyed my stalks and I had just one... :P

I still had fun! And the artwork was great!

If you still have  some spare time, come on my site and play my game :D

That was indeed my intention with the button. If you in a hurry, just look at the game quick, end it and move on to the other 900+ games :P Other invested almost an hour!

Right? :D 

So sorry about the screen... I always have trouble with my screenscaling... don't know why...

Thanks for playing and rating :D

Thanks for the rating and playing!

Thanks for the feedback, that would be a great addition!

like... superhuman floaty? :P That would be great, but I know it's kinda... not feelig great to play at this stage :D

Yeah I wanted a longer game, but I also wanted that the players have to invest as less time as possible, if they want to test the other 900+ games :D 

Thanks for playing!

Wow! Why didn't you save some time with the cheatbutton? I feel honored! Thanks a lot!

It does indeed :D You can get so powerful the game is gonna get unplayable :D

But I'm happy that you didn't :P

Tnaks for playing!

I love the looks of the game, with the lighting and everything! The music helps the mood too. Very nice game. 

I hope you had a nice vacation :)  if you have the time, play and rate mine too, please :) 

Hey man! We have almost the same game :) 

If you want, you can check out mine. 

How do you say it: brilliant minds are alike? Something like that :D

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That was fun, with a lot of zombies you almost got "liquid" :P Just a little bit of music would be nice! Those stupid humans!

If you can, please rate my game! And habe fun with your gamedev journes :D

Very nice take with the dice! I really liked that! The artwork was very cool and unique too! I'm just imagening myself smacking two sockpuppets together while rolling some dice:D

If you still got the energy, can you rate my game, too? Thanks a lot! :P

The crystals are hard to use and if you fail, then it's all over :D but I had fun!

If you find the time, can you play my game, too?

Have a nice day, keep deving!

Funny game! I love wave-enemy games! Love the artwork! Thats amazingh!You should check out mine, too :) And give it a try, please?

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Nice game, so calming:P But I had a little bit problems with aiming at targets and eat them I enden up speeding through space and eating what I got :D

If you have the time, can you rate mine, too?

That was fun! Sad that I only had one life... I wanted to be a spider too :D The two capsules were hard... You could make this game into a real one, with some tweas, bigger levels and balancing.

Please, if you have the time, can you rate my game too?

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Good use of the theme and i love the quirky/ghostly music, good choice!

Remember that we play the game for the first time and you tested it like 10000 times. So even the secon level was kinda hard for me, because I just didn't had the feeling for the caracter yet.

But otherwise I can't really say anything else that i noticed. Solid little game!

If you have the time and still some energy to test and rate my game, that would make me happy :D

I loved the purple eyes and the glowing arrows! A little bit music would make the game a lot more enyjoyable :D

If you have the time, can you play and rate mine, too? Thank you!

I like me some chest once in a while :D Where does the "worse" come from? It's a totally okay chess simulator! Yeah the computer does take every bait, but so does my wife! Buahahaha!

If you have the time, play and rate mine too, please :P