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Happy to hear! My sons already asked multiple times :D

I like your examples of upgrading the game! the paragnomers :D

Thank you for playing!

Okay my man... you need to add more content soon...

My kids want to play it and are always a little disappointed, that you can scare just three things :D

Thank you for figuring this out? I really didn't know what was causing this bug...

Nice! And the cats matched the blocks and bgs :D 

And you even had an idle sprite :D sooo cute <3

Cool game, but I'm a little sad, that I couldn't fight the end room... I even waited to see, if *the end?* dissapeard and I can fight :P

I really liked it! Something else. I found the murder because everyone else was asleep. I didn't see the stain, though... Where was it?

Funny idea about schrödingers cat :D I loved the skeleton cat and the color palette from the death dimension. Sadly I got stuck in the skull :P

creepy... :D It need still a little work, because i saw the monster once and heard it twice.  Maybe I had just luck :P

I'm just telling the truth *shrugs* ;P

I liked it :D it's a prototype for sure, but the cutscenes were amazing. Especially "Life in 2 dimensions " and the look behind the shoulders :D  I was hoping, when I switch the aggro drops, but at least I could move away. Music would it make so much better. For me the voices were a little distorted. But overall it was a nice game!

If you have the time, play and rate mine, too :P

Nicely done! But it would be nice to explore the city :D I found the safest playground ever! And the minimap is hard to read, lost a lot of money, because I couldn't decide where to drive.

Pleas if you would be so kind to play and rate mine, too :D

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you should have won... then you have something to watch :D

I just say Gnome + Meme-Songs :D

Loved it! You really had to watch both screens and still got surprised when you died or didn't die :P

If you have the time, please rate mine, too :D

I liked the movement and the theme. The colors were okay, if you played a long time in the red dimension and then switched to blue, its was hard on the eyes :D

He lives there now... :D Fun game, Nice visuals and a good use of the theme! I liked it.

NO! NO! The creature is not afraid of the light! I'm afraid! Why did you do that to me *sobs*. NOT FUN! But you got the game you wanted I guess! Thank god it was only three nights! 

If you have the time play and rate mine! I'm sure you need a break from the horror... come into my magical garden and have a good time!

I'm gonna change my pants now...

aaah sorry I meant the screams and stuff :D SFX

Nice little game :D Did you record yourself?  I did that for the last GameJam :D

If you have the time, please play and rate mine :D

That was a good puzzle game! Only got rank C, though... But I had a lot of fun!

If you have the time, please play and rate mine, too :D

The elevator music :D Where is this from? I'm pretty sure I know it from another game... Stanley Parable maybe? Nice little game you got there, but I'm not a good riddler :D

If you have the time, please rate mine, too.

Very nice! I really liked it! And it has a good progression. First very easy and the the room with the flames I found out that i could turn myself, haha! And as a win, I got thrown into a pit... I'm guessing there would start the second chapter :D

Please, if you have the time, play and rate mine too.

Nice little game! I got some portal vibes :D You can build something similar I guess. Once i fell down...AAAHHH :D... But the second time I made it!

If you have the time, please play and rate mine :D

Very cool game! I just made it to 284 after a few tries... But I had fun :D

If you have the time, can you play and rate mine?

Loved the music and the artstyle! Maybe add a tutorial level, which is much easier, because I needed some time to find out what was happening :D

But after that I had fun and that is the main reason for playing games, right?

Well your title says it all :D I will check it out right now!

Very nice game! I liked it, but it was hard for the first time. I will give it another try, tonight.

Yeah... could be... in unity it works... I will get to it, thank you!

In unity it works... I don't know why here not... did you play it fullscreen?

Well it has a grid, for placing towers and the slugs which want to eat your house. The player and the other slugs (which want to eat you) don't use them.

Thanks for trying it out!

HAHAHA nice! I will forward this for the gnome ;D

Yeah I played that too! And I will play yours!

Thanks for stopping by!

Nice! A lot of people struggled with the movement and navigation, so I made it easier = less frustrating :D

Ty for the feedback!

I have colliders... I really don't know why they don't work... they aren't triggers either and in the physics they are active. The same thing with my musicmanager it's a singleton but doesn't delete itself.

Well I learned a lot and that's good. :D

nah it's okay! Thank you for playing ;D 

I just post it under every game. I didn't notice it was you ;D

Very good job! Good topic overall and good that you send him to the therapist. You don't suggest, that you can work trough there alone! I thought it was the end and got surprised by myself :D Still made it though!

If you have the time, pleas play and rate mine :D

Good thematic, very nice for a school or so. I liked it! The art was also very nice to look at. You could do something with the light, when the bad thought show and pile up?

If you have the time, play and rate mine, please.

The music is AMAZING! Sadly I couldn't destroy the yellow bars in the 5th level. I tried every color or is the size important?

If you have the time, please play and rate mine :D

Yes that's really the same idea we had :D brothers in mind or what is the saying? We could have made a team!

Good game, my man! I hope you will build your game further. Mine is to buggy :(

Very nice game! I loved the alien and the music! 

If you have the time... pleas rate mine... I know it was a rhyme... :P

Very good entry! You had to be in the zone, to go far and I liked that! Cool story about the HD and Pixel Dimension :D

If you have the time, rate my game too :D