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Super fun game! Kept getting caught out by the hidden spots but really good overall! Nice job

For someone who hasn't been in education for a few years now, this was a fun little game to keep your on your toes! 

This game was so much fun! Some really deep question which I wasn't expecting

in the slightest! Really nice work! 

Super tense game with really interesting sound design! Good job. Looking forward to what else you've got in store! 

This game was so weird I think I'm still trying to figure out what happened... 10/10 

Right off the bat this game gave me Outlast vibes and I was hooked! Super creepy vibes throughout & was constantly on the edge of my seat! Nice job! 

Having never got the chance to play P.T I'm happy to say this is the next closest thing! Having that feeling of impending doom around every corner had me on the edge of my seat every loop! Really good job! Let's not talk about how terrifying the monster is! 😱


This was such a fun & casual game but also utterly nerve wrecking at the same time! Knowing he could come from anywhere & through anything at any time made this game super fun! Nice job! 

Easily one of the most intense & fun alien games around! The story and gameplay work really well together & the sound just adds the icing to the cake, really good job! Can't wait to see where this goes, it's already been added to the steam wishlist! 

Quite a fun little game if you're a fan of Chucky! Felt very tense throughout the game and he even caught me a few times! 😂 At the end of my video I gave a few ways to improve the gameplay for users but nothing too critical!

Really fun & tense game! Hotels like this really give me the creeps so good job with that! Only suggestion I can make for now is maybe add a blockage around the other stairs instead of just straight removing them and adding them back in later. 

MVP status for making some screenshots

Being a British person, I can confirm, this is how you make a cup of tea. In all seriousness though, really enjoyable and fun game! 

The PS1 holds a dear place in my heart and this game & style reminds me of that 100%! Awesome job on the game, would love to see where/if you take it any further! 

If you wish to see some gameplay;

It was really interesting to see that side of the game! People should do it more often for sure. Looking forward to anything you've got planned for the future! 

After playing this game I found the game devlog & it made me love the game more! Super interesting art style! 

Anger foot is back with a kickass (no pun intended) update! More guns, More enemies, MORE EXPLOSIONS!
This is quickly becoming one of my favourite games to play! My second video on it! 

I could have played that game for an eternity without even realising! But super fun & creepy game with a solid jump scare at the end! Nice job 

For a short, simple game, it's really well made! Super tense and uses the darkness & sound to it's full advantage! Nice work! 

I've been putting off playing this game for a bit now & finally bit the bullet and safe to say I wasn't disappointed! 

Really enjoyable but tense demo! Can't wait for the full game to come out! Really liked the PS1 style graphics as well 

Feel free to check out my playthrough and let me know what you think! With our car breaking down, we find ourselves lost with only an abandoned arcade close by. Nothing could get worse, could it..?

This indie game has so much potential & has quickly shot to the top of my favourite indie games so far! Had so much fun playing this & with a banger of a soundtrack you can't help but go nuts! 

I'll never trust corridors again! but a well made game none the less! Was on the edge of my seat for most of the game, definitely worth checking out 

Very tense yet fun one room game! went in to it blind and boy, that ending got me! 


I knew babies were evil.. but you'll have to watch to find out why! 

WHO KNEW A MAZE GAME COULD BE SO STRESSFUL! Definitely a game worth playing through! 

I haven't felt on edge for a long time until I played this game! A constant state of fear and dread that this person is right behind you! Props to the creator on this one! 

Safe to say both of these games messed with my head a bit more than I anticipated! Super fun quick games though, awesome job! Start Survey started asking the real question in life! 

Safe to say both of these games messed with my head a bit more than I anticipated! Super fun quick games though, awesome job! The noise that siren head makes is terrifying!  


I went into this with an open mind & my god was I not disappointed! It's a fun game with some wild physics that can make so quality moments! Props to Alex for making this!