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Honestly, I cannot wait for the Black Cat update after playing this update! Such a fun little adventure & nice to see the changes throughout each release. Nice work as always & keeping an eye out for March! 

Nice work on this! Quite a well made game, nice touch with the multiple endings as well. Not much I'd say in terms of changes would just like to see the park expanded with more objectives. Apart from that nice work, looking forward to your next work! :) 

Had no clue what to expect going into this game but my god did it scare me good! Very rare you see a game based around a fast food area but nice work either way! Looking forward to what else you release! :) 

I don't think I've played a game that has freaked me out as much in a while, yet this game managed it! Really well made, excited to see what else you have in store/what you can expand on. Gave my our thoughts about the game at the end of the video. Really nice work! 

This game has quickly shot up to the top of my watchlist & it will remain there till the full release! Loved everything about this game from the wacky interactable elements to the design of the characters! Really really well made, nice work! Looking forward to everything else this game has to offer! 

Didn’t know what I was expecting going into this game but safe to say I wasn’t disappointed 😂 fun little horror game, really well made. Nice work 😁

Such a fun game! Thought I had broke the game in the first run but think I was just missing an item 😅 Really enjoyed the style and gameplay, only thing I would say to "improve" would be the camera when entering rooms (I go into further detail at the end of the video) but overall a really well made game, nice work! looking forward to seeing what else you create :) 

First time playing one of your games & my, oh my was it a good one to start with! Love the animation & gameplay, along with the humour in the dialogue! Really nice work & I'll be keeping an eye on your future work! 


My first time playing a visual novel game & safe to say I was impressed! Really smooth gameplay with multiple choices leading to different endings. Looking forward to what else you develop, nice work! 

Short & Sweet! Really fun little game, these SpongeBob games never cease to make me laugh and scream every time I see them, nice work! 

My first time playing a game from you & I must say it was really well made! Ended up watching the YouTube video about you making it, was interesting seeing the process of how you made this. Definitely got me on each jump scare! Nice work, look forward to the next one! 

Really fun & scary game! Took me a few attempts to finish, turns out the princess is a track star.. 🤔Looking forward to seeing what the rest of the castle brings! Nice work

Well made & suspenseful game! The sound design in this was on point, definitely made me feel on edge a lot of the time 😅 nice work, looking forward to your future work! 

Fun quick little game! Very accurate gameplay to making noodles 10/10 nice work! :) 

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Utterly horrifying game! Very interesting idea and execution of game, nice work! Really kept me on my toes throughout. I now understand why people have a fear of clowns 😅

I love checking out phobia games & this one, whilst short, has been the best so far! Very well done for what the phobia is about! Nice work! 

I've been following the whole Choo Choo Charles train for a while now (no pun intended) & for you to make this in 24 hours is insane! Really fun, short game going from 0-100 real quick! 😅 nice work! Looking forward to Choo Choo Charles! 

Been a while since I played the first version & safe to say the latest update is insane! Really cool seeing how you've expanded the game from just the original level and filled the game out more. Really awesome work! Looking forward to what else you bring out! 👀

Really fun little game! Nice use of sounds in such a confined space to create tension and unease. The ending got me good I can't lie 😂 nice work! Look forward to seeing what else you release 

Been a while since a game has truly made me feel uneasy & nervous! Really nice use of atmosphere to create tension. Nice work, looking forward to see what else you release! 

Really enjoyed the use of the phone to change how we problem solved! Seen the mechanic used once before in a game but that was using a mirror so nice modern update on that! Would love to see this extended a bit more, maybe a bit more background to the characters added but overall a fun game! Nice work!

Beyond happy to have a solid Slenderman game back in the scene! Really good use of atmosphere and jumpscares, they got me really good! 😂 The fact this is part 1, of a hopeful series, my eyes will truly be fixed on this! Nice work! 

Thoroughly enjoyed this game! Really love the use of the 2nd person perspective, really unique gameplay mechanic that I've not seen much of before! Nice work! looking forward to what else you bring out! 

Really fun game! the jump scares and suspenseful moments got me really good & the ending definitely was a real eye opener! nice work, looking forward the what else you bring out! 

If you want to check out my video its here :-


Managed to grab this game during the Next Fest event on steam & holy moly was it a fun game to play! Immediately added it to my Wishlist, awaiting it's full release! Something about using puppets makes this game oddly unnerving. The extras at the end are such a good addition! 

I got lost in these backrooms so many times but still loved it! Funny game nevertheless, will be cool to see if it gets any updates soon. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for them! Nice work :) 

The mirror mechanic really drew me to this game & whilst it has it's pros & cons, I really enjoyed the game! I made a few suggestions at the end of the video but, for a final year project, really well done! Definitely

keeping an eye out for further updates and releases!

Really fun game! loved the little easter eggs throughout, even broke the game a bit towards the end 😂 nice work, looking forward to your next work! 

After loving the first one, I HAD to try this one out & safe to say I wasn't disappointed! Really interesting seeing this game evolve & adding multiple ending to it. Nice work! 

Super fun game! Kept getting caught out by the hidden spots but really good overall! Nice job

For someone who hasn't been in education for a few years now, this was a fun little game to keep your on your toes! 

This game was so much fun! Some really deep question which I wasn't expecting

in the slightest! Really nice work! 

Super tense game with really interesting sound design! Good job. Looking forward to what else you've got in store! 

This game was so weird I think I'm still trying to figure out what happened... 10/10 

Right off the bat this game gave me Outlast vibes and I was hooked! Super creepy vibes throughout & was constantly on the edge of my seat! Nice job! 

Having never got the chance to play P.T I'm happy to say this is the next closest thing! Having that feeling of impending doom around every corner had me on the edge of my seat every loop! Really good job! Let's not talk about how terrifying the monster is! 😱


This was such a fun & casual game but also utterly nerve wrecking at the same time! Knowing he could come from anywhere & through anything at any time made this game super fun! Nice job! 

Easily one of the most intense & fun alien games around! The story and gameplay work really well together & the sound just adds the icing to the cake, really good job! Can't wait to see where this goes, it's already been added to the steam wishlist! 

Quite a fun little game if you're a fan of Chucky! Felt very tense throughout the game and he even caught me a few times! 😂 At the end of my video I gave a few ways to improve the gameplay for users but nothing too critical!