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How bout getting a discord server for this jam? 

Plays nicely. Tho i do prefer using keyboard, it feels a bit more responsive. 

have you tried separating movement and shooting directions? Like you aim with wasd, but hold arrow keys in the direction you wish to shoot?

Thank you XD Looking for the ways to improve it.

There u go xD

More - later. Refining core systems now

I can see it getting pretty fun, what it really needs is a simpe ai you canr race against. Even 1v1 can really improve the game.

Really liked the music. Great job xDDDD

That's a weird one, but it probably was intended. Also, can you even win \ lose in this game?

Feels kinda unresponsive, half of the time it feels like your buttons are doing nothing, but it's okay xD

MOAR! Game's too good

Okay, i'll put a how to play section as a temporary replacement for the tutorial. 

Thank you xD. And yes, the tutorial was supposed to be in the campaign, it actually was written  as the rest of campaign missions, i just ran out of time to actually implement it

It really needs some post processing. You are absolutely correct.