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First it was awesome. Now its super-awesome. Keep it up, great work, lots of fun

Some suggestions:

You should make minimum wind gain less strong. Even 0.1 blows the default tower right away. Maybe make 0.05 the minimum gain, just test it out a bit, so the default tower remains standing

The code update is great, especially the ability to add colors. Dont remove the sliders tho, they are really user-friendly. I have played this game with kids, and they loved testing out all the sliders. Dont remove them, hiding the GUI is totally enough. You could also add a slider for lighting, like color temperature and position of the sun. Another great feature would be a slider for tower corners. Making triagonal and hexagonal towers without coding, just with a slider, would be lots of fun for kids. Keep it up, this is a great game since the first version came out.

Good and minimalistic, i like it very much. Some ideas: Adding a button to delete all the red cubes, set velocity at which the red cubes are thrown and maybe press and hold a button to fly faster