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Philippe Sylvestre

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Thanks a lot for the comments! Really happy you liked it :)

oh wow! really impressive :D

thanks a lot :)

Thanks for playing haha was funny to watch

Big thanks for the video

Thanks for the video!

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Thanks a lot for the video. 

thanks for the playthrough!

Thanks for the feedback

Thanks a lot for the feedback! Happy you had a great time

Thanks a lot

Well played !

Much appreciation for this video, we feel super lucky to get to see people playing it !

Thanks a lot for that video! Its pretty nice to receive some feedback. Hope you had a great time

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Hey guys im wondering if any of you have the discord link for tonight! Thanks a lot and have fuunnn :D

its getting outta control

Super Demo had a lot of fun !

I think making compatibility for controller would be a huge upgrade gameplay wise.

Keep up the good work.

New World Record

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Here is the speedrun record atm !

Post your results down here 


Loved it! Thats a perfect game for me 

impressed what u achieved in 72 hours good job, i didn't found the money to complete the 2nd quest though haha

super game love the art style, had problem seeing my cursor at some point.

Great work

Thanks man, the last level is brutal hahah