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Sounds cool! You definitely have the potential to do that!

I got the majority of the endings. Here are some I remembered, but there were definitely more




Communist Uprising

Well Hell

Aggretsuko (likely spelled that wrong) Season 3

Middle Class

Marriage Counselor

Literally Death

Crime Solver

Start Over Dummy (sandwich)

Wasted Life

The Really Funny Ending Where You Admire The Lake But I Don't Remember The Actual Name

and finally...

Double Click To Edit This Passage (cave entrance)

I very much appreciated the Undo/Redo Buttons, they made it much easier to achieve all of these endings. The main issue is the constant spelling errors, but they also compliment the game's random humor. 

6.5/10, not great, but not bad either.

Just wondering, is this a port of a Scratch game?

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Thanks! I noticed after I beat the game. I told some friends about the game and I’ll let them know if they decide to play it. :)

I haven’t played Pokémon, but what it reminded me of was Link’ Awakening, most specifically “Wow, this looks really heavy, you won’t be able to move it with your bare hands!”

I really liked this game. The style is a lot like that of the GameBoy, and the text box scrolling makes this more apparent.  This is also the first game on the site that I've ever played.

Thanks! I’m glad you enjoy it!

Yeah. I find it pretty fun to do. :)

Thanks! This is the first comment I’ve ever received on this site!