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Thanks. We had many more ideas and there's polishing to be done but we ran out of time. I'll most likely make an updated version later.

Pretty good game. Although it really annoyed me that double jump gets rid of your momentum.

For sure. I will.

Good idea, good execution. The building collisions are a bit weird tho; at some places you can go between them and at others you cant. And also audio feedback would help the gameplay a lot.

The art is amazing. It's a shame that the gameplay is lacking complexity.

Interesting idea, although there weren't enough visual indication on what to do sometimes imo.

Thank you :)

Very awesome game. The visuals are beautiful, it has a very nice atmosphere. The gameplay is fine although the player movement could use some more work.

Nice game. You guys did good. The music fits the game very well and I love how it changes during the game.

Thank you for your feedback. You bring up some good points. Although all these issues have their reasons behind them the only excuse I can give is the lack of time for me to polish the game.

Thank you very much. I just bought a drawing tablet and these are my first pieces with it. :)

I have uploaded a bugfixed version. In this new version the stairs should work even on weaker hardware.

The game is great. Love the idea. There is just one thing:

You didn't give a collision to the wallpiece that has that green stuff coming out of it.

I'm very impressed that you could put together a minecraft prototype in 10 days. Well done :)