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Thanks for the heads-up. I'm sorry for the messed up input. I don't have a Mac device so I can't test if it runs properly, I'll try to fix it :)

The game's now updated with a mac build :)

Hello, doesn't the latest build work on Mac?

Thanks a lot for playing :)

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Really fun game with fluid and smooth platforming controls. The levels are well designed and it adheres to theme a lot! The only bad thing is the lack of checkpoints but that has been mentioned in the comments enough to get you sick of hearing it all the time :D Good job :)

btw jsem rád, že tu vidím čechy, hra se vám fakt povedla :D

Thanks a ton :)

Thank you for the detailed feedback. For the platformers - I got people saying it's too easy, well balanced and too hard but you're right, I think i should have made it more balanced for all skill levels. The AI sprite looks out of context on purpose, he isn't part of the world in any way, he's a program that controls the world and what you see in game is his representation. Thanks a lot for overall feedback though :)

Thank you :)

Thanks a lot for the comment :)

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Thanks for the feedback :) I am aware that you can do that in the second level because I forgot to turn off collider for the platform. I am sorry that you thought the flashing screens were too much, it is an important feature for the story so I wanted it to be powerful. For the dialog - you don't have to click, you can use Ctrl (as written in Controls). Thank you a lot for playing though, the game will be updated with more levels, fonts and your feedback will help me consider other changes as well :)

Thanks a lot :)

Thank you for playing and compliments :) I'll check your game later.

Thanks a ton for the feedback, I appreciate it :)

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Here's my game :)
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Would be glad if you played it :)

I'll definitely update the game a bit. Thanks a lot for compliments, means a lot :)

I'm glad you liked it! Thank you for playing :)

Thanks so much :)

Thanks for playing and the feedback! You're right with levels. I sure planned to make more levels that would still push the story forward as well as the platforming but I decided there was not enough time for that. I might update the game in near future though. Thanks for the comment anyway :)

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I was ready to give up on this game but when the moment happened I was pretty surprised! Interesting story, great concept, really enjoyable feeling. Only thing I have is for the jumping level. It was like the game didn't notice my input when I was close to the ball? Therefore I would die. But other than that good job :)

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I'll check your game too :)

Thank you very much. I'll check your game :)

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Stunning visuals and atmosphere. Felt pretty nice to discover stuff in the world. Could use a bit more audio cues but other than that awesome job!

Thanks so much for the compliment! You're too kind :)

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The concept's really innovative and worked well with simple graphics and sounds. Well executed, had fun playing this. Good job!

btw moc často tu čechy nepotkávám :D

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These comments really make me  happy :) Thanks so much for compliments, means a lot to me :)

Wow! Thanks a ton for playing and for being so kind :)

Thanks a ton for kind words! I'll check your game :)

Good game with an interesting twist. Could be longer but other than that good job :)

(1 edit) Story based platformer, hope you'll like it :)

(1 edit) I hope you'll like it :)