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It would be nice to have a mode that would have a more long term style with saveing and reloading. That would bring in the people who want a long survival game while keeping the origanal game mode for everyone who wants that. Otherwize, once someone beats the game they would just become disiterested with the game. I would also be fine if you added it to after you escape through the jump gate. This then would be a game that I would sink a year into while still having tons of fun.

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THIS GAME IS AMMAZING. I like how you are going so far but what I want to see is a toal long term survival game as well as what you have now. The ability to save would go with that.

Oh and plz add sound

And multiplayer (sometime in the future)

And the abillity to get new landers (maby even stealing them from the Replicons)

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Oh and i would like multiplayer if we could bout you would have to directly play with a friend through steam. Like Co-op. It would be just really fun for that to be in. Everyone on the internet talking about wanting multiplayer is seemingly preceded as massively multiplayer. I just want to screw around with my friends.

That would be ammazing.

I would say ten dollars if he continually updates it and gives us more free rain. when it gose on steam a steam workshop would be good so it would be worth it because there would be infinite posibiletys for how we could use the game.

I found a bug with the campaign were you could go around the enemies once you get the key. I also felt the enemies were too difficult in close combat and too easy at long range. close combat could be fixed by having them hit a bit slower and long ranged could be fixed if they are already coming for you. that would also fix getting the key and darting for the end. Just some suggestions.