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Hey! I was thinking about an arcade game of some sort, but we can still work on your game idea, if I'm able to help!

If you wanna keep this conversation going, feel free to text me on discord, my ID is PeterPlaty#7495 :)

Hello! I'm an European college student looking for a pixel artist to work with during this game jam. The objective is to meet new friends and create a cool game together!

We would work at our own pace, to be able to fit everything in a stress-free schedule.

Unfortunately, I have no budget and don't plan on releasing a paid version of the game once it's finished.

Feel free to reply if you're interested :)

Now updated to 1.1.1! It's basically the same, I fixed some issues with the tutorial screen not showing the remapped keys, as well as the Pause Menu that ignored the control changes

Have fun! :)

I personally enjoyed this game a lot! Maybe I would have fixed the collisions and I would have awarded the player for creative techniques (like bouncing at a wall full force to jump at an angle). Overall, it was a great game to play! :)

Thanks a lot! I'm happy to hear you liked the game :)

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Thank you so much! I'll keep that in mind for a (possible) sequel where I "clean up" the game to make it better! I'm glad to know you enjoyed it :)