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Thank you very much!! I'm glad you had a great time playing

I think this game is fun and is well done, taking into account that it's made by only one person you've done a good work!

here it is!

I suggest you try our game, most people have liked it so far, but I think it needs more ratings... I'll try yours anyway

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My character is called Juan! He's the one and only space surfer!!

of course!!  It would be cool if I could say I used many professional programs, but the truth is that I only needed two, blender and Photoshop.  I only used photoshop for some textures when needed as many models are vertex painted. 

I coded the shader for unity by hand, but based on previous work on blender, basically I traduded a shader done with blender shader editor to code for unity. I used this video as tutorial for making the shader in blender (in blender yoj don't need coding and it's very intuitive)  

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This is my first jam as an artist, i was a bit scared because it's not my usual role, but I think it turned out well!  As I'm not good at drawing, I thought it'd be better to use 3d models and a good toon shader (which I did myself).  I got inspired by games like Zelda the wind waker because it looks amazing. But honestly to do the character I thought of my father who's also called Juan. Also we wanted the character to look cool, we came up with the idea: a surfer astronaut.  This is how it turned out looking:

this game is really fun to play! I wish it had more levels

really liked the game, congrats!

Yeah maybe we should've made it a little bit easier as many people are struggling to complete it too. Thanks for playing!!

Thanks for playing!!

Love the visuals, also the gameplay, very fun

Really cool concept, a whole game could be done based on this idea, hope you keep working on it!!

AWESOME, reaaaally fun to play, congratulations

I think the idea has potential, good job!