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It launched now, but I get this:

LaunchProcess: failed to execvp:


[459029:459029:0807/] Bad NaCl helper startup ack (0 bytes)

[459026:459035:0807/] Failed to open NaCl IRT file "/home/cass/Documents/Tools/Crocotile3D_v1.9.5_linux64/nacl_irt_x86_64.nexe": -4

[459059:459074:0807/] No net_fetcher for performing AIA chasing.

[459059:459072:0807/] No net_fetcher for performing AIA chasing.

[S_API] SteamAPI_Init(): Loaded '/home/cass/.steam/debian-installation/linux64/' OK.

[S_API FAIL] SteamAPI_Init() failed; connect to global user failed.[459059:459075:0807/] No net_fetcher for performing AIA chasing.

Is anyone else having an issue with getting CT3D to execute on Mint? T-T I have the perms set correctly, but it's not being recognized.

Any chance of a Linux port?

I like to give anything a fair shake but I clicked mostly because I like Hollow Knight a whole lot. Hope you have a nice day. It's a good start!

Good work! I like that both this and Hollowed Kingdoms exists. I'm making one based on the Chronicles of Darkness system but like... more cake for everyone!

Not bad, but maybe you should use something else than a copyrighted image for the icon for your game?

Interesting! I ended up with something very close to Celeste for running, but with a little less acceleration! Close to it, too for running.

The beginning is cross-posted from the Microstudio Reddit. The advice is still useful, even if parts of it would take longer than the game jam to learn. Consider parts of it as tools for right now and if you're a beginner, gain study materials and tools to use for your growth as a game developer.

There's a lot of amazing tutorials out there for art, writing-you name it! And you'll at least have foundations before you begin thanks to what you learn in school. For programming, not so much!

So, what are some useful things to have skills in or to know?

The first thing is a decent grasp on mathematics. If you aren't so great on maths, there's some amazing math courses you can find online, many free!

But the most absolute necessary math is in this video here. I recommend at the least give this video a shot, you'll understand a lot of things about video game making that drove me absolutely crazy! And better yet, the video uses very handy examples of how the math is useful in context! If you want to go into greater depth, I recommend this video series, which is like a whole course on the topic!

The other skill that is often underestimated is project management. Some of it will be learning how much you can do in a set amount of time. Once you begin to learn how to program and make assets for your game, you should be always keeping track of how long and how difficult a given task is at first. The only way to find that part out is to simply begin doing.

The other half of it is figuring out what sort of things your game needs. What kind of controls? What kind of movement? What locations or stages and features? What visual and audio assets will it need?

The easiest way to start is with a written pitch. A pitch can help you figure out what, exactly what you want the end project to look like-and figure out the direction you need to take. It is a very handy guide to refer to as you make your game! Here's an example pitch, feel free to read over its information and make use of it!

Once you have this pitch, the best idea is to make what the industry calls a vertical slice. This is a prototype that shows off the most important parts of your game, in a short demo. They are typically not polished and use placeholder graphics. So, how do you make your vertical slice? You plan for it.

One way to track is to come up with tasks. What needs to be done? What things are nice but not required? What is easy? What takes effort or time but isn't too difficult? What's very difficult or time-consuming? You can graph things out by complexity/time and priority. Sometimes smaller things rely on a core mechanic that you need to develop first. Here's an example task sheet that can be used.

With these skills practiced, you have the beginnings of what it takes to make a game. Maybe you'll just have some game jam prototypes. Maybe you'll make some small games and toys. Maybe you'll make the next Undertale.

That's all up to you! Stick with it and keep moving, who knows where the road will take you?

Have fun with RPG Maker!

Further resources: - Keep an eye on licenses but there's a whole lot of options out there for both visual and audio assets! - There's a library of creative commons music that you can use for any project. Not just Youtube videos! - You can search their image database! - Also known as Asset Jesus. These are great, high-quality assets, even if you use them as placeholders, they're really good for "greyboxing" in a level. Incidentally, Kenney sells some non-free tools and has generators for projects that aren't associated with NFTs or the blockchain. Please support this awesome creator!

...and don't forget great assets like plugins on Itch or the Moghunter scripts if you use RPXP!

Please consult any licenses and give proper credit for any assets you use. If you find a non-free asset you like, pay for it.

Don't be stingy with other peoples' labor.

Don't forget, many people give the option to pay for free assets/software and I recommend supporting them if they allow it and like their work!

I would give any project a year, at least, before calling it anything like abandonware.

This will work very nicely for Solarus or a 2D Godot project.

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Bless this pack. Exactly what I needed for what I'm working on, which will include the MZ3D plug-in.

The clause means that the RTP assets ARE allowed, they're not made specifically for YOUR game. They're made for any game it can be useful for.

That would be really cool, especially if there was a "quick enemy generator"

I really appreciate the Linux Debian version!

Gosh, I remember missing the Kickstarter for this. I bought this on Steam, I'm very satisfied and I highly recommend it to people. It's got a lot of depth and variety in play. The music is atmospheric and suits the mood of the game. The art makes sense for the time it was developed for and it still holds up. It's not a graphically intense game.

I recommend new players immediately stop time to survey their surroundings when starting a game. As you grow more experienced, you'll find a play style all your own!

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What browser are you using? If you're on Firefox, click the shield, lock and slider icons next to the address for various settings.

Given you are working in Godot, is there any way to create a Linux port?  I understand if you don't want to support that platform.

Very useful for my game jam project @u@

I sprang for the non-free ones but yeah, this is within the license rights!

I'll be coming back for the full version once I'm paid!

Despite the limitations, this is exactly what I was looking for.

SunVox community · Created a new topic Link is error 404!

Page not found.

Holy shit, the first version came out when I was seven. BRB learning how to use a tracker. Might take a few months.


Has an error: 

Error: <<resetLinks>>: errors within widget code (Error: <<replace>>: no elements matched the selector "#link0"; Error: <<replace>>: no elements matched the selector "#link1"; Error: <<replace>>: no elements matched the selector "#link2").

Stack Trace:







This happens when you enter the dark room with the torch at the end, when you select use and an item.

Holy moley, this is a great gift before Yule!

Thank you for this tool.

This is going to be great for my horror game.

This is a great price for a nice collection.

I'd been thinking for a while about a story I have a rough draft of but needed overhauling on. The story is a young lady starts working at an art gallery that turns out to be owned by a Tremere. The game's story would be centered around ghouls and the various situations they can end up in, good, bad, weird and everything in between.

The core would be the relationship between the main character and her domitor.

HOLY HAND GRENADE! I can't believe this is on here! It's such a cool tool!

Any hopes of a Linux port? The executable crashes on WINE...


If you've built stuff in the cpp fork, you should try open-sourcing it. That way, someone who knows it can take a look and others can either run with it or learn from it. Share it on Reddit and other static communities, you'll be sure to find folks who are interested in carrying on with the tool I bet!

Sorry life has remained really hectic for you, this is a fun little project and I hope it was fun for you to develop!

Heard about the game theft, I'm so sorry that happened to you! I enjoyed my time with the game and I will follow your profile!

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Just wanted to say: Thanks for letting me work with you in writing the early bartender minigame text. It wasn't what you 100% were looking for but I enjoyed working with you, you were professional and you paid on time, amount as agreed and gifted me a patreon copy of the game on top, which I was not expecting. Rock on guys. I will always remember working with you.

Holy moly, a wild update! Good to see you back.

Recommending you was the best thing my Android story thing-y was a great thing for me! Beautiful work.