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I've been following Dokibird so, thank you for making this game! Its very cool.

This is one of the most creative horror games I have ever played. Its amazing. I hope work is continued to be poured into it because it is absolutely amazing. Maybe someday on Steam too?

This is peak anime girls on giant robots content!

Considering that the game was done quickly, it is very good! Probably the best free Backrooms game I have seen so far. Would love to see how else it can be developed.

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This was amazing.

I agree 100% with Andre. Keep at it!

This is very well done. I like how the game gives these little hints about Lee's fall even at the start, when he doesn't remember putting his club in the shower. The way you portrayed him with Alzheimer with the glitches and distorted BGM was a nice touch too. How he is unable to recognize his mother's photograph hit me especially hard. My mom has Alzheimer and it is not a pretty sight. Todd is a good friend looking after Lee like that, but I am sure that as the years go by, when he goes to visit Lee at the retirement home and Lee one day simply doesn't recognize him... he will feel that, I can be sure of it.

This game is as close to perfection as it can get.

All its missing is controller support, and its ready for Steam.

I see. Thank you.

I don't understand how exactly to pick up more seeds. I walk over the garden over and over but I never seem to pick up anything.

This is amazing and super creative.

I really hope it gets expanded in the future and added to Steam or something like that.

Awesome game. I love the eerie setting. 10 out of 10.

Please consider putting the game up on Steam as well as itch.

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Algun plan de camiarle el nombre al juego a "Nisha Nixyeva: Area de Entrenamiento N-19" ?

No creo que sea necesario cambiar el sprite del juego mas que un color diferente en cada ojo, y el titulo en la pantalla de inicio...

This is actually quite entertaining! In the right hands, one could make some pretty good melodies with it.


I should have played the game before watching the video that gives the solutions to all the puzzles... wooops.

In any case, this is a great Game Jam game.

GOAT game

Exactly! Unlike other horror themed games set in space, where the horror comes from aliens, or robots, this game uses space itself as the source of horror. Space IS scary, why with giant stars, black holes, being surrounded by the unknown in a tiny little ship. It is scary when you think about it, and this game nailed that.

I know this is a game made in a short period of time, made for a Game Jam, and not much else.

However, I would like it if you continue developing it. What I see here is the base for a very interesting story driven game. This, lets call it a "Demo", leaves some very interesting open questions, the player gets invested and wants to know what happened, and what is going to happen next.

I truly believe this game is the foundation for a very interesting project.

Alpha Beta Gamer brought me here.

* 1 hour

Sussy getting the Remastered Re-Release.

Thank you!

Does it come in red?

Paizuri would be a great addition.

HoloCure is a different type of game. Its not an adventure platformer like Nui Nui Quest. Its like comparing Super Mario to Pac-Man. There really isn't a way to compare them.

As far as graphics, music and sound, they are both on the same level, that much I can say.

But gameplay wise they cannot be compared in any way, so I cannot say one is better than the other. I do think HoloCure is better than Vampire Survivors, however.

Well, so far I like what I see. As for my thoughts, I think that having the game support a controller instead of just using the keyboard would be nice. The demo level had the right difficulty for a shoot em up's first stage, but I am guessing that the difficulty would increase in each level as you progress, and a shoot em up is more enjoyable with a controller rather than using the keyboard.

I am guessing the game has some lore, from what one can see during the stage, and that is a good thing because players like it when games have some lore behind it, we like to know why we are shooting the enemies. Even if its an ero game it should be fun, because while the ero might get some players to try it out, the fun is what will keep them playing.

The graphics are, of course, the strong point of the game. The characters look amazing, the backgrounds too. And the designs are well done. The sound could use some work since the voices were being too quiet when compared to the background music, but that is a sound volume issue, not a quality issue. The voice acting and the music itself were fine.

This is not only one of the best Hololive fan games I've ever played, but its one of the best games on all of!

Everything about this game is superb, the levels are well designed, the sprite art for the stages, the enemies, everything, looks amazing (I especially like the little details like how the flowers move with the wind on the first stage, or how Flare's hair moves as she runs and jumps) the sound is good and the music, which are remixes in 8-bit style of the different Hololive songs, are amazing. Also the controls are responsive, everything moves the way I intend it to. Truly a top of the line game.

If anything, I am surprised that no Hololive talent has streamed it yet. I've seen Vtubers play this game, but none of Hololive yet.

Okay, two things: One, I loved playing this demo. And I'll look forward to the development of this game.

And two: I noticed that you had language options on the menu, but only English was selectable. Spanish is my first language, would you be interested in me translating the game to Spanish for you?

Its harder than it looks... can't seem to get past Day 1...

Works great!

This is some of the funniest thing I have played on this site.

Its like if you are playing QWOP, but for the full Olympic events. And the control is as floaty and silly as it should be.

I believe that the only thing that is missing is an online mode. Be it with friends or random people, but an online mode will surely make this game be a perfect 10.

Any plans on getting this on Steam?

Ceres Fauna, Hololive-EN ch.

The game has nice graphics, that would be the strong point. As far as gameplay, its nice but it gets really frustrating. The jump is kind of hard to aim, and the fact that you have to start all over again every time you die makes the game feel frustrating and kind of repetitive by the 5th or so time you have to do it. A checkpoint system would improve the game quite a lot.

For a prototype game it shows promise.


... I want a plushie of those monsters...

And that some day came! I just purchased the completed game on Steam, and I love it! Thank you so much for your work, and for completing this jewel of a retro platformer.

This was amazing. The Backrooms meets Viewfinder, where Viewfinder's mechanics are perfectly recreated in a short game, that will creep you out at times.

This was bautiful.

This seems like a fun concept.

I would look forward to you finishing it.