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Yes you are right, there is more in it and I enjoy the actual content way more than I do as with certain AAA games. Maybe I was to harsh with my judgement due to the high expectations ;)

Keep up the good work!

Right Spexior, that is exactly what I said. I also dont get it xD

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And no I did not play the "mission" mode. I played endless game.

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What? You definitely do haha there is a demo version for free and I played this years ago, it was 90% the same as I already said ;)


This is no problem at all and i dont even care about 3 Dollars, I have about 3000 Dollars wasted on Steam games, so - nope I dont give a ****.

But what I mean is that I seriously played this game 1-2 years ago (Kongregate? Armorgames? Itch.io? I dont remember) and it was barely different, bought it recently because I never forgot about it and was hoping that there is much more to do now.

Take your time, I totally understand that, I`m an artist myself but I just wanted to let you know that the difference between the free and the paid version is not really noticeable.

The game is way to easy and its 90% the same as the free version. What did I pay 3 bucks for? I had built everything in 15minutes xD