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I really like it, I've played a similar game when i was younger  and i allways wanted a bigger game like this, in fact i was making a similar game in GODOT.

Allthough there are two things that could use improvment.
In one of the tutorials it is said that i can rescue missing pilots, but in normal game i've never found one (they aren't implemented yet or am I blind). And the other thing is that instantly loosing controll after ejecting from my heli is very frustrating. Well not the fact that i loose it, but the fact that the enemy infantry is still shooting at me (Geneva convention morons, you can take me prisoner but not kill) and i can't defend myself. Very frustrating when there is like one guy left.

But other than that it is amazing. I've read that you are making a more polished version and i am definetly looking forward to playing it.