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yay! that was pretty fun. only thing was it was really dark (as in brightness).

well, unfortunately i failed at becoming sneeter famous, but i did have quite the collection of epic sneets.

everyone knows birds aren't real
1000 resneets and i'll jump
the rich were a mistake
please buy my mixtapes
friendships are okay sometimes
what if we merged hot tubs and peanut butter for the ultimate crossover

and finally, the sneet that did me in:

This game was absolutely incredible! The art was so nice and appealing, and it was really well written. I was very intrigued by the story and characters, and… it addressed a lot of topics (I may have gotten choked up once or twice…) which I and many others have struggled with. It may have been only a few hours long, but I couldn't stop playing once I started. I really hope to see more amazing things from you in the future :) Thank you for making this.

yay! as you can see in the background, i was very focused on making it look aesthetically pleasing (lol). this was fun. a bit tedious, but all clicker games are like that. you either enjoy them or you don't. i wish there was an option to turn off/down the particles, but overall, it was fun!

Wow. I was not expecting any of that! The art style was really good and complementing to the story, which in and of itself was already outstanding. I don't really know how to describe just how well everything tied together. And just… I can't get over how good the story was. You did a very good job. :>

the humor in this was too powerful… i was cracking a smile the whole time. also, just gotta point this out, the way the end of the santa hat moved around when swimming was a really nice touch. i give this a 9/9, would become santa fish again another time (i tried to rhyme ok).

i really liked this game! the art was cute and pleasing to look at and it held a good message that i know many people need to hear. however, i do have some criticisms as well.

like Callum John said in his comment, there's not a lot of variation in the game play, and it introduces four characters who don't get much development. i think it could've been better if it focused a little more on Kurt and his story, rather than throwing a bunch of characters at you with not much to say about them other than "they all got lost in the woods and Kurt helped them" and "this one says 'girl' a lot".

but that's really all for my criticism. the message was good, between knowing it's okay to rely on your friends to making sure you take care of yourself (and yes, i think i may know what you're talking about. so many people, and i'm included in this, are too afraid to ask for help and too eager to help others without even giving their own being and health a glancing thought), and the graphics and art were amazing. it has a consistent style, there's obvious attention to detail, the colors chosen are great and they compliment each other very nicely, and overall it's just put together nicely. there were a few small things i noticed, such as the text for the hunger and light bar not matching the pixel style of the rest of the game and the text under the bag, but they're not game-breaking or anything. anyway, i do have to applaud you on this. it's a really nice game.

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wait wait wait i got interested on how'd you code one of these so i inspected the page and i think i found something?

<<if $ending_counter is 1>>

<small>(This is where the game diverges into two routes. <<if ($ending_kipling is true) or ($ending_solipsism is true)>>You followed Alma's route last time, so why not try the [[brother route|Brother biography]]?<<else>>You followed the brother's route last time, so why not try [[Alma's route|Alma biography]]?<<endif>>)</small><<endif>>

at the beginning it looks like it sets $ending_counter to 0, and overpet, abel, solipsism, kipling, and recursion to false, so it couldn't be anything like a default "setting" like i suggested before (i'm not the best at code terms). however, it uses an if/else statement, in which it assumes you had previously gotten past the part in which you chose a route. if you've gotten the kipling or solipsism route show [message], else show [the other message]. however, for the "overpet" ending, it's an early bad ending and you never choose a route and the code goes to "else", which is "You followed the brother's route last time". it's a small bug that's not that big of a deal, so sorry for like… being a nerd or something. but also not sorry, because i'm a nerd and i had a lot of fun figuring this out! :>

hello! i just finished getting all the endings and i wanted to tell you that i really enjoyed it! the writing was absolutely fantastic, and all the art that appeared every now and again had me staring at the screen for minutes (though often simple, the style and colors were just… wow). it was really interesting to read about the dynamic of the relationship to their brother and the ex. all in all, it was such a engaging story wrapped up in words and art that really gave it life. sorry if this review isn't very good. i actually just made my account to leave this comment, and i haven't reviewed many things before. it was just really good. i agree with DragonExplosion that there could be things that would further enhance the experience, but there's already so much here that's just so good??? i'm kind of fumbling around with my vocabulary to find the right words to say about this.

but anyway! apart from that, i believe i may have found a glitch, so i wished to inform you of this also! the first ending i got was "Not Good with Animals", and when i rewound to find the rest, i got a note that said something along the lines of "here is where the story splits. since you went down the brother's route last time, why not try Alma's?" (i really can't remember exactly). it never appeared again after that, and i technically hadn't gone down the brother's route yet, so i assume it wasn't supposed to appear. i'm thinking it may be something with a variable? i imagine that's how'd you would store which route they (the player) went down first. perhaps it's default is set to "brother" and it was just never written over? i'm not really sure how you coded this exactly. my brain is just running on overdrive and i keep thinking excessively. sorry! anyway, amazing game!