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"[ Note: you can wear whatever you want, regardless of gender. ]" is the most encouraging thing i've heard in a week

This was a very fun little puzzle game! It was just the right amount of challenging. I hope you'll add more levels in the future!

this was very fun! a bit rage-inducing, but the cute graphics make up for it! lol. i loved the animation! i had a lot of fun just looking at the lil owl too.

Nah, it wasn't really a bug. The only reason it was a problem was because I was being chased by a mob of dudes, lol.

entertained me for hours. finally managed to get the portal up but i couldn't fight off all the demons. got it up again, same story. then i got too cocky and kept trying to level up to become even more powerful. then uh. this happened?

they couldn't hurt me and i couldn't hurt them so i tried to place some towers around to thin them out so i might be able to push my way through.
which. uh. well, they were coming at a faster rate than i could kill them. so i decided to risk it and…
oh well :(

i finally did it :D

was super fun! and a good amount of challenging, too

Such a nice little story <3 The visuals on this were so good! For the first minute, I was just sitting and watching everything move. It's very reminiscent of hand-drawn animation.

BROOO, i'm super auto pets levels addicted to this (i played that game for like 7 hours on multiple days to the point that my sister was like "oh my god not this again"). it's so fun. haven't won yet, but i'll get there. also the music is banging

thank you.

i became a horned beast

gotta say, some wild rules were passed.

ah, so you prefer french press style?

this music jammin'

the ball vanished

i kicked the CPUs sorry little ass. no net, no side goals, loser serves. then i did no side goals, net, loser serves. beat it again. it was a close win. CPU had 9, i had 7. but i brought it home. kinda feeling like maybe i'm the best frog ever.


it is 12 at night and i am in a pitch black room i am afraid

ngl i got jumpscared by the goal noise. it's considerably louder than everything else. fun game, though!

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mom, thought you were pretty cool until you said "no animation" and now i can never trust you or anyone else ever again.

I'm loving this so far. It's very well written and I love how all of the options you choose affect little things. Makes me really feel involved in the world.

Yes. The game ends after you collect a certain amount of elixir.

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Oh :( It forgot my progress from the other day. Oh well.

On an additional note, I think it would be nice if the movement system was updated to allow you to use WASD/Arrow Keys. It's a bit annoying having to click on multiple different points on the screen just to try and maneuver myself around some obstacles.

Thank you! I was wondering what the fasttime was about haha.

or more like a reference, really. (i hope this is an okay thing to post here? i'm not sure if these sorts of things are allowed)


stoneDust to iron: 0.25/s (note: you can do straight stone to iron but it has a much lower return rate. 0.08 iron/s. yikes)
iron to lead: 0.40 lead/s
lead to copper: 0.30 copper/s
copper to silver: 0.25 silver/s
silver to gold: 0.20 gold/s
gold to quicksilver: 0.25 quicksilver/s

"if I put in so much of one material, how much will I get of the next?":

(input amount) / 0.5 * (output rate)

:) this is mostly for me but it might help someone else who wants to calculate exact times and amounts (or just likes math)

if you're using straight up stone and want 25 gold, you need roughly 1,628 stone. with one transmuter, it'll take at least 28-29 hours. ain't that a while.
if you're using stoneDust and want 25 gold, you only need about 521 stoneDust, and it'll take you at minimum just about 9 hours. save yourself the extra 20 and use stoneDust.

my math might be a little off, by the way. just a disclaimer.

ah, okay. good luck! it's really good so far!

Yay!! :D

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nvm ig that puzzle doesn't do anything. i managed to finish the demo. found another area i hadn't explored.

(also, do you plan to have a mac release along with the windows release in the future?)

This is awesome! I'm hooked, lol. Reminds me of a game I played once that I can't seem to remember the name of… but it had a lot of cool puzzles like this. Speaking of that, I seem to be stuck on a box-push puzzle right now. Or two puzzles, technically. It's on "Volcano (Level: 2)". Here's a picture of it.

Anyway, onto my critiques/suggestions! The graphics are good, but at times it's a bit hard to tell things apart. It'd be nice if there was a bit more contrast, especially between the player and the background. Also, a map would be SUPER handy. I've forgotten where I've gone or where I'm going a lot while playing, so it'd be nice to have a way to keep track of that.

okay, now i think i got everything…?

I forgot about the stone bridge lol.

ooh, very fun.

uhhhh one critique: too many rat not enough forg. otherwise great game.

i felt oddly moved despite not having a single fucking clue what the hell was going on. it was very strange, but in a good way. between watching the lil dudes picking apart the field like ants, the soundtrack, and the nonsensical but charming story, i was absolutely mesmerized. this is a nice little hidden gem amongst countless other games :)

my dumbass not realizing you could go above tree level 9 until after i unlocked tree #5

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Ooh, this is very fun. It's a shame you're no longer developing it :( I like the combination of incremental gameplay and a story told through the world/characters. (also i'm guessing there's no way to get iron ore? cuz if that's the case then i've unfortunately exhausted this game of it's available content)

Ah, okay! I look forward to it!

i had a blast with this! i'd love to see more updates in the future :D maybe there could be more resources you'd take back like the sap. maybe you could have another goal of… idk, building a ship or a space colony. something else to work towards besides just maxing out your bots.

this was so funny oh my god. i wasn't expecting anything that happened but i was there for all of it.