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REALLY enjoyed this game. The characters are all so fun

Also Brad's talking sound effect is hilarious 

Oh my goodness, thank you so much! 

For some reason I can't download this?

Honestly quite impressive. Wish there were checkpoints because I fell from 3 stories up and gave up, but yeah this is good.

This isn't really alchemy?

Was all the music written for this jam? Did he make all of this in 3 days???

I gotta say this was one of the most fun music jam games I played though

It's okay I had to suffer many attempts in order to test it xD

I didn't get to finish testing it though since I was up until 5am and I just passed out at some point 

Hi there! I can't speak for everything since I didn't do any of the coding, but maybe it has something to do with my partner being in Spain? Perhaps the key placement affected that. I however have only played it with an xbox controller which feels fine. I'm assuming arrow keys work and therefore Z would be fine for that. 

As for the gameplay, I think that's sort of the nature of the game. If you played just shapes and beats, you can kind of just do that. Personally I think constant forward movement in this game would be way too much with the eventually really dense bullet patterns. 

As for the shapes, I had certain ideas and colors in my mind for what I associate with each instrument. The end result wasn't exactly what I had in mind initially but whatevs. I think if we were to use waves, the sounds would have to match them but there are real instruments so...their wave patterns would be a pain in the butt xD

I appreciate reading this comment and all the feedback you gave!

I'm talking about joystick controls. 

It's just that the face buttons all feel like they're the wrong choice.  Like Jump is Y.

The only criticism I have is to change the button layout on controller

Jump was Y, red is A and blue is B

Please make it so that Jump is A and that the red and blue are R and L

Otherwise one of the best games I've seen in a jam

That's not a bug per se.

It's just not something you want to do since krill only spawn inside

Definitely deserved to win first place in polish 

yeah the sensitivities would change depending on computers so we couldn't get a consistent speed for them :(

Believe me I know how reckless the keyboard feels 

Also your suggestions are much appreciated and we are thinking on expanding upon it!

This is a reminder that you SHOULD DOWNLOAD for a MUCH BETTER EXPERIENCE 

I was definitely in space

I feel like with sound, some polish, and maybe a grip mechanic, this game would be hella fun to play with a bunch of people 

152km. Is that good??


This is one of the better games I've played. If the game got an art upgrade, I could see this being on addicting games or something

The title screen is really polished and the music is pretty good

Hi there, if you're coming from Dragon Jam, you can play in the browser, but we STRONGLY recommend downloading it. It is a much better gaming experience. 

The music is great >=D