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I love playing your game, but I think it needs a soundtrack. You might remember me because I started the FAQ, but I make music and I'd love to get involved with a game like this one. I couldn't figure out any other way to reach out to you (I might have missed something... whoops) but I think it might end up being great for this game to have a memorable soundtrack.

Will a trade system be implemented? (with goods such as food, luxury goods, metals, and so on.) And if so how will trade routes work?

Another question, will religions be added to the game and will the be procedurally generated? (With factors like doctrines and spread) or will they be preset. I think that this will be important due to the major effects religion has had on our history.

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Not necessarily an official Frequently Asked Questions board, just a place for people to ask questions about development. (Including myself.)

Just to start it off, how far into history will the polities be able to go? Right now in version 3.2.1 they only seem to invent very simple tribal systems and agriculture. Will certain factors cause civilizations to advance faster than others?