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Glad you liked it. Thanks for checking it out!

Looks like that music was your jam. Nice playthrough Thanks for playing!

Im pleased you enjoyed the game and it left you wanting more. Loved watching your reactions, especially to the fish picture!

Thanks for playing it. :)

Thanks. Glad you enjoyed the atmosphere as it was somethign we prioritized upon creating the game.

Thanks for your support! Also, nice theory and interpretation of the narrative.

Thanks for checking it out. Glad you had fun with it, even if you got spooked!

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Thanks for playing it. Looks like you enjoyed the atmosphere.Great Video!

Thanks! :-)

Thank you! Enjoyed watching your reactions, and congrats on 60 subscribers!

Cheers. I really enjoyed your reactions. Im happy I managed to nail the atmosphere right. Glad you enjoyed it too.

Thank you very much. Had fun making it so glad you had fun playing it.

Thanks. Adding some sort of enemy creature or entity is something I have considered doing with a future project, especially given more time. Glad you had fun with it though and thanks for the feedback!

Glad you had fun with it. Thanks for checking it out!

Cheer. The one thing we are proud of was nailing the PSX aesthetic. Glad you enjoyed it.

The game was completed for a game jam, therefore it was as long as we could make it within a week. If enough people enjoy it, Im sure we'd be happy to extend the game and improve it.

Cheers. Thanks for playing it.

Cheers, thanks for checking. Loved your reactions. Glad you appreciate the CGI cat picture.

Thanks. Getting a horror atmosphere can be really difficult. Its mainly pacing and atamosphere that can be difficult to get right.  Glad you enjoyed it.

Amazing concept. Simple yet effective. Not going to lie, the music makes the game tense, and the game's difficulty is balanced. The art style is nice and simple and the gameplay is easy enough to understand for new players. If I were to recommend one change, I would make the mirror animation a bit faster as it can feel sluggish. Very well done, Keep up the great work!