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I actually did make a sword model, I just didn't make any animations with it haha

Everything that gets affected by the wind subscribes to a global wind system that feeds them a wind direction and strength. They handle them in different ways, the trees specifically use them in a shader that does some vertex movement with it. It's just a slightly modified version of this GPU Gems chapter about vegetation in Crysis. Instead of using the Y value of each vertex to determine movement amount though, I paint all of the vertices based on how much I want them to move with the wind (black being none, white being fully affected). The base, for example, doesn't move at all, so it's painted black. This technique is really helpful for low poly art since I can manually prevent the bundles of leaves from moving too far off the branch.

I'll clean up the wind system and put it on GitHub for reference at some point, but hopefully, that article helps in the meantime!

I just uploaded the shaders to GitHub!

Just added a link to the shaders on Github! They're a bit complicated, and lighting shaders aren't all that useful outside of things like this, but I hope it's a good learning reference!

Thanks for playing! Do you remember the exact moves you did to kill the king so quickly?

Thanks for checking it out!

Thanks! I plan on releasing the source code for the shaders sometime after the rating period ends :). They're written in Godot's GLSL implementation, but it should be fairly easy to adapt to any other game engine/shading language

I love how elegant this game is, it's insane how much gameplay you can draw from a 4x4 grid! I played it a handful of times and each playthrough brought about a new emergent twist. It's really easy to crumble in the span of just a couple of turns!

Other than the stellar gameplay, I found the character designs to be very quirky and fun, and the little battle effect is a really nice touch.

I hope you continue working on this post-jam, I think it would polish up very nicely!

Thank you! I recently rewrote them to support Godot GLES2 for my recent jam game Combo Chess! Once the rating period is over I plan on releasing the source code for the shaders :)

Oops, my bad, I should've looked! It's not common for jam games to include such comprehensive settings, so good job on that too!

I'll keep that in mind when I try the local multiplayer with some friends later

Thanks! I think the pieces physically flying around when they get taken is my favorite effect. It's kinda silly, but I think it gives the game a lot of character, and I like how they ominously float in the distance afterward.

I'm a huge fan of old-school 3D renders (and just retro computer aesthetics in general), so I love the look of dithering, but I completely understand that it's not everyone's cup of tea. In hindsight, I should've added the ability to disable it (both for aesthetic reasons and for people with vision complications, as someone else noted). I'll keep that in mind for the future!

Thanks for checking out my game, yours was really awesome!

This is probably the best puzzle game I've played yet in the jam. I like how simple but effective the mechanics are, and they incorporate very nicely into the theme. The graphics are very easy on the eyes and make it easier to focus on the actual puzzle. And the audio design is seriously top-notch, with very satisfying, and responsive, effects with some well-suited music.

Great work, I think this could polish up into a very nice puzzler if you choose to continue work on it!

I completely agree, I think after the rating period I'll update it to include that. The dithering is written as a custom lighting model in a shader, so I should be able to add a toggle option and just swap some materials around. Thanks a ton for the feedback!

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I'm a huge fan of strategy games and this was really cool! This is maybe the most feature-rich game I've seen in the jam so far and the fact that you did it without an engine is truly impressive. The only issue I had while playing was the camera constantly snapping to its default position at the start of my turn (I kept having to move it back where I had it when I was deep in enemy territory). Despite that, I had a lot of fun figuring out the mechanics and coming up with elaborate strategies to defeat the AI.

Excellent work!

EDIT: Turns out there was an option to disable automatic camera movement (see the replies), so my complaint is null. Greate job for including so many helpful options, I should've looked first!

Really cute story with a surprising amount of diverse mechanics! I really like how many different use cases you found for the ghost, I wish the final level used all of them at once. The controls for the ball felt really good, though jumping off slopes was a bit finicky (but slopes are notoriously difficult to manage in platformers, so it's understandable). Very well designed and endearing, great entry!

It seems like this got too ambitious to finish for a jam project, but what's there is really cool! The sprites and animations are gorgeous and that UI is super slick!

As a side note, I would highly recommend making an HTML build of your game so more people can play it

Thanks for the kind words, I'm glad you liked it!

This game looks really neat, I loved all the particle effects and the audio design was really nice! It was a bit difficult to see what character I was controlling but other than that I found the gameplay really easy to get into. Thanks for including a single-player mode too!

Thanks for checking it out! I just played your game and really enjoyed it :)

It's a shame it doesn't have more levels, this was a lot of fun! I love the tension of the fire things chasing you and burning all the blocks in their wake, it really puts some pressure on.

Good job, I loved the art and the controls were smooth! All of the slime designs are really cute and unique. The most glaring problem I had was the camera jolting weirdly when I got hit, but other than that I didn't come across any bugs. Thanks for entering this!

This game has an insanely addicting feedback loop, good job! I think the only problem I had while playing it was the occasional hero clipping into a wall when the doors close. Other than that, very well designed and polished! I hope you all take this concept further after the jam!

What a cool game, it was really surprising to see a top-down shooter kind of game where you really have to strategize! The only issue I had was that the camera didn't feel like it would zoom out enough to show every character at times. Other than that, I had a lot of fun! I don't think I've seen a game like this before and it's executed very well.

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Thanks for the feedback! Some of the pieces, like the queen (and surprisingly the King), can chain together a lot of moves in one turn. I thought about limiting the max number of combos per turn, but I felt like it defeated the fun of coming up with elaborate setups. If there was something especially broken though, let me know!

A really solid physics puzzle/platformer! I think it's cool how each shape fills a different use case and can be used in tandem to solve more complex puzzles. The controls are really smooth, some of the best I've played in the jam so far. I absolutely love the soundtrack too, it's very fun!

Some of the puzzles though, especially in space, did make me wonder if I was solving it the intended way or not. The only solutions I could find felt almost like cheese, but I couldn't find simpler solutions. That being said, it was really fun coming up with those solutions in the first place, even if they didn't feel intended.

Really cool game!

I look forward to seeing what you all do with it! And thanks for the compliment :)

I'm glad you liked the new mechanic! I had a lot of fun designing it

Wow, what a cute game, I really enjoyed it! Excellent design all around, calling back to previous solutions to help guide the player in later puzzles was very clever. I never felt like I was being handheld, figuring out the puzzles was very intuitive. The art and audio are also very lovely :).

My only complaint would be what others have mentioned on the movement. It's not a dealbreaker by any means, and this game is very well designed in every other aspect. It just felt like I was pressing buttons way more than I needed to and made my hand a bit tired.

What a great entry, I hope you work on it more after the jam!

I'm glad you liked it! I actually had a way more ambitious grid-based game in mind when I started the jam before realizing that I wouldn't have enough time. I didn't want to waste the code I wrote though, so I repurposed it for the simplest strategy game I could think of: chess. I'm happy I did too, it was nice having a lot of time to focus on polish!

I totally agree with you on the bot, especially with COVID, offering only local multiplayer does mean a lot of people can't enjoy it as an actual game. I quickly realized though, as you mentioned, a bot would've taken way more programming than I had time for. I thought about online multiplayer too, but since I haven't implemented that before I didn't want to create a possible security vulnerability.

What a sweet story, I'm very glad I played through it! The audio design was incredible and really helped sell the atmosphere, especially those massive monsters that chase you. Coming across them for the first time was super tense and the lingering audio cues made it even better.

The only thing I would recommend is making an HTML build so people could play it in the browser.

Really great entry!


I am completely in love with this game's surreal aesthetic. It's creepy and weird and incredible. Why does the spleen have a propeller hat? Why are there eyes and why are they looking at me? So cool, with a bit more polish this game would look next level. The free-moving, 360° tower defense idea was really cool too, I loved flying around and getting to explore the environment more closely, while also placing the blood cells in nooks and crannies to optimize their efficiency.

Seriously awesome game, I really hope this gets refined into a bigger release!

What a creative way to weave the jam theme into the narrative and gameplay structure!

Having an in-game tutorial was really nice and helped teach the rules way better than just reading the itch page.

However, the game did make me a bit dizzy when it started getting faster and I had to exit fullscreen mode. Other than that, while the game is fairly simple, I think it has a lot of charm!

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it!

Can't wait to check it out again afterward!

The art is lovely, and the music/sound effects are very high quality. I was immediately sold at just the title screen, it was so slick! I got a bit stuck on level 3 trying to jump over the wall before realizing that you could spam jump to vault over it (I also clipped into the wall in that level). As others have said, the alien move speed is also a bit slow which can make some jumps feel a little clunky. Besides that though, I found the levels to be very fun and each offers a unique challenge using the cloning mechanic. Very fun puzzle platformer!

Thank you!

The art and animations are super slick, and the transition effect is awesome! It's on the harder side, but not impossible, it was a lot of fun to beat!

Very fun, I loved the sound design, hitting enemies was very satisfying. The beam tower is overpowered though, once I set one up shooting straight down the starting pathway, no enemies could get through. I still set up other towers with different element types to see all the interactions, and it was a very fun mechanic!

It was very satisfying amassing an army of knights and piling on damage, sort of reminded me of Kirby Mass Attack in a way. Great graphics, and creative usage of them, using the wall tiles to make the final boss was really cool!

I really wanted to add an AI opponent, but I quickly found out that chess AI programming was a rabbit hole I didn't have time to go down yet haha. Thanks for the feedback, an in-game tutorial definitely would've been a good idea!