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Perhaps adding another stage, or a boss wave would be awesome! 

I read somewhere that within Pico-8 you are limited to a set number of tokens you can use,  so I am unsure if this would be possible, but one thing I would have liked, is a way to know what towers I was buying. Some of the towers (such as the money generator) was fairly self-explanatory, but others I wasn't completely sure what they did, so adding a description or name would be great. 

---Pineapple on HTC

This is a very creative take on a tower defense game! I really enjoyed the fact that you had to click to gain ammo, I felt it helped me remain engaged in the game.

 When playing other tower defense games, my attention tends to wane after a while, due to the fact that once you have a good defense built up you really only have to watch the game go by without having to do anything. After I discovered that one of the towers you can get makes ammo for you, I was a little disappointed, but then enemies began to destroy my towers and my involvement was required again, which was a plus.

 For a relatively small game, it makes a big impact in the content department!

Very well designed!