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(p.p.s. i just realized that the review was supposed to go together with the rating. uh, it won't hurt to have it here too would it?)

I just finished playing the demo and it looks like it has a lot of cool things going for it! the spellcasting is very interesting and I like the way parrying and dodging works. however, I will say that there are some things I'm not fully fond of.

firstly, the hitbox of the strong attack is a bit too unforgiving I feel. I've been right in front of an enemy and still miss the strong attack. I can see that the sword was going to miss them by an inch, but I feel it can be a little more forgiving, since it's very hard to actually make use of the strong attack at all as is since sang can't attack diagonally, the strong attack ends up missing by a hard over half of the time.

the hyper armor/super armor/poise of the big enemies makes sense, but I feel it could be indicated. it'd cause little harm to the game since it seems to be content with showing health bars and stamina bars very clearly. I don't see why a white outline around a character with poise would hurt. though I could just be an idiot forgetting that they have super armor

Of course, there's also the fact that different weapons don't have different models/movesets. This may be a demo thing, but in case it isn't i really feel at least a slightly altered model could be nice or even a different moveset for some weapons like the way dark souls handles straight swords and curved swords. I didn't find any of the other weapon classes, so I only have the standard swords for reference. still, I hope this isn't too much of an issue. maybe I'll edit this if I end up looking for and finding the other weapon classes

Again, this can be taken with a grain of salt. I'm not experienced in game design, but I hope my feedback can still help even a little. the game looks very promising and I'll be watching with lots of intrigue.

p.s. was this the right place to give my feedback on the game?